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Good news! This fall Garn Press is publishing novels that will keep you reading books that are impossible to put down. At Garn Press, we are convinced nurturing the imagination and human spirit can inspire people to act in troubled times. We encourage Garn writers and readers to dare big thoughts, to agree and to disagree, but always to keep in mind the extraordinary gift we all share of imagination and the human spirit. So here are the first two fall novels that Garn is enthusiastically encouraging you to read.

NEW RELEASE: Black Inked Pearl: A Girl’s Quest by Ruth Finnegan

Black Inked Pearl: A Girl’s Quest is a magical book of lost love — an epic journey, an ancient mystery reinterpreted, a faerie tale, a parable, a poem, a nightmare, a daydream. The question that constantly comes to mind when reading this book is: “Can a book be an incantation or a spell?”

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Ruth Finnegan on the publication of her literary ground breaking novel. Ruth is a renowned classical scholar and a writer of great style, imagination, profundity, and wit. She has earned the high honor of an OBE and she is an Honorary Fellow of Somerville College Oxford. She was born and reared in Ulster and sent to a Quaker school filled with biblical texts and music, which are reflected in the novel.

At Garn Press we regard Black Inked Pearl: A Girl’s Quest to be a rare work of genius, a novel that is unparalleled in modern times on dream, dementia, and truth. The passions, troubles, torments and griefs running through the novel can be traced back to Homer.

Soranzo’s Adamo and Milton’s Paradise Lost are reflected in the text, and Shakespeare’s sonnets are ever present on the page. James Joyce is also hovering close by, adding modernity to this brilliant classical work.

In writing the novel Ruth Finnegan has created more than two thousand new words – all easy to read because of their Greek and Latin roots. Part narrative, part verse, the reader quickly becomes familiar with the cadence of the story and in next to no time falls in love with Kate.

Everyone at Garn hopes you enjoy Ruth’s Black Inked Pearl: A Girl’s Quest. It is magical and compelling and is destined to become a beloved classic in the coming years.

Available for purchase on Amazon.

Ruth-finnegan-black-inked-pearl-garn-pressBlack Inked Pearl A Girl’s Quest

Publishing: September, 2015
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-942146-16-2
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-942146-17-9
eBook ISBN: 978-1-942146-18-6
Garn Press Imprint: Imagination and the Human Spirit
Paperback is available for purchase on Amazon
Hardcover and eBook available September 10, 2015





UPCOMING RELEASE: Devil Knows: A Tale of Murder and Madness in America’s First Century by David J. Kolb

Devil Knows: A Tale of Murder and Madness in America’s First Century is David Kolb’s first book of fiction. It is a thrilling, meticulously researched, historical adventure in the grand storytelling tradition of Northwest Passage and Drums Along the Mohawk.

At Garn it is also a great pleasure to work with David Kolb. David is a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist and author who has earned high praise from readers and editors alike. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The International Herald Tribune, and he has garnered numerous first-place writing awards from the Associated Press and the United Press International for his journalism.

Everyone at Garn considers Devil Knows to be a masterpiece that Nathaniel Hawthorne would have liked to read and even have written. Clarence Page, Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist for the Chicago Tribune writes:

With relentless research, fascinating characters and a great storyteller’s imagination, David Kolb unravels a lingering mystery from the historical horror known as the Salem witch trials: How did Mary Bradbury become Salem’s only convicted “witch” to escape execution? Like other great historical fiction, Kolb’s narrative picks up where facts leave off and reveals disturbing, yet valuable, truths.

Devil Knows: A Tale of Murder and Madness in America’s First Century breaks new literary ground about the first American century – a nearly forgotten (until now) post-Pilgrim past when intolerance, misogyny and ignorance culminated in horrifying outrages against ordinary people. Yet Devil Knows rediscovers, too, that hope was never lost, and that heroes were (and still are) always among us.

This fall, with the publication of Stacy Schiff’s The Witches: Salem, 1692, by Little Brown all thoughts will be focused on the Salem witch trials. Without doubt the book is going to receive a lot of attention, but Ms. Schiff’s also meticulously researched account is far less riveting than the novel David Kolb has written about the mystery of the last witch of Salem.

Garn will publish two more novels this fall, Bloody Lane, by Marty Lee and Matt Fleury, and You’re Not Dead by Geoff Ward, two equally compelling novels that are destined to be masterpieces on everyone’s reading list when they are published. Great books and great reads that enable us to put ourselves into the place of others and imagine the world as it might be otherwise.


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