Larry Ferlazzo’s Best Videos for Educators in 2015

Featured Video: The Atlantic’s “Creative Breakthroughs” video Ta-Nehisi Coates

Larry Ferlazzo’s best videos for educators are really great, but you don’t have to be an educator to learn from them.

In The Atlantic’s “Creative Breakthroughs” video Ta-Nehisi Coates talks about “what kind of writer” he wanted to be – in his struggle to write his love of language comes through, as well as his passion to create.

In his collection of posts, articles, and videos on race and racism, Larry also includes several videos of Ta-Nehisi Coates talking about his nationally acclaimed book Between the World and Me.

The video clips Larry has chosen are well produced. They are worth watching and making available to students as essential resources for a variety of activities and projects.

Using these videos together, it is possible to imagine student-initiated projects on race and racism, conceptualized in multiple languages, and using everyday artistic expression to get the message across that the struggle for equality should always be an intellectual pursuit that is the heart and soul of the curriculum.


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