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The War on Science is the reason that Garn Press was founded. Part of Garn’s mission is to support scientists and educators of conscience whose work is ignored or denigrated by political decisions makers, corporate self-interests, and the mainstream media.

We all know that this century is a defining moment for humanity. Our children and future generations of children are in danger, and politicians and parliamentarians have left us without even a rudimentary attempt at governance in response to the great problems our kids will face.

By profligating denial of climate change, defunding and limiting expenditures on mitigating climate and environmental problems, the US Congress is actively engaged in protecting the corporate interests that have supported their political campaigns, while willfully ignoring the very real and very grave threat that exists to people, especially children, and to all life on the planet. Please VOTE for science!

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Written by Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown


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