How Bill Moyers Goes To The Post Office And Gets Vivian Vasquez’s Copy Of Split Second Solution by Denny Taylor

by Denny, Author of Split Second Solution

So on Saturday I took 25 copies of Split Second Solution to the Post Office with a letter, which includes this quote from a young friend:

Hey Denny, Sorry about the coincidence between reality that you’ve created in writing and now our current reality that we all share. I know you’ve worked hard on your book, and to have segments of it actually come into fruition must be a difficult pill to swallow. Let’s hope that the rest of it doesn’t come into effect, but if it does, S. and I are up to the task!

The letter goes on to state: My fears for my young friend and for all young people are long lived — it’s the reason I wrote Split Second Solution. It isn’t just in delusional moments that I see Split happening. I do think “the rest of it” could happen – is happening — but I also agree with the young person who wrote to me that young people are “up for the task”.

I am at the Post Office and standing a couple of people ahead of me is Bill Moyers. I’m sure it’s him. Wait! Is it Bill Moyers? I equivocate. Then I see the man has “PBS” on the pocket of his windbreaker. Yes. It’s Bill Moyers. Now I am in turmoil – I am much more reclusive than some people think. Can I let this moment go? No. I hesitate. He has one package and takes his turn to mail it. I am still two back in the line with 25 packages in two bags and it’s been a long wait. He pays cash and is about to leave and in that split second I say, “excuse me, excuse me, as I push by the two people ahead of me, who grumble because they think I am trying to jump the line. Once extricated with my bags of books to mail I call his name. “Mr. Moyers!” He stops, turns, smiles, and waits. I ask if I can give him a book. He nods. And wait for it. This is the punch line. I pull a package out of one of my bags and give him the copy of Split Second Solution that I was sending to you Vivian M Vasquez! Bill Moyers looks at Vivian’s name and I say, “It’s okay. I know Vivian. She’d want you to have this book.” He takes it and says, “I’ll write to you.” And I say, “I’ll send Vivian another copy.” That’s it.

So will the ideas in Split be picked up in a larger arena than I’ll ever have? Who knows? But at least I got out of the line and gave Bill Moyers Vivian M Vasquez’s copy of the Split. The characters in Split – Word and X-it, Death (who appears as Cat), and the Old Crone (who is really Eternity) would be proud of me! :- ))

Vivian M Vasquez “Oh I love this story…you have lifted my spirits my friend! Just love this!”

Denny Taylor “I will pack up another copy of Split Second Solution, but I have to tell you if I see Charlie Rose at the Post Office I am going to give it to him!”

Vivian M Vasquez “LOL…how awesome would that be! LOL! I love you Denny Taylor.”

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