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split-second-solition-amazon-garn-pressSplit Second Solution

Hardcover: 978-1-942146-46-9
Paperback: 978-1-942146-45-2 – Amazon | Barnes & Noble
eBook: 978-1-942146-44-5 – Amazon
Hardcover $27.95
Paperback: $17.95
eBook: $9.99 and $2.99 through Amazon Kindle Matchbook





About Split Second Solution

Split Second Solution is a modern fable, a magical love story that is both strangely mysterious and terrifying real.

It’s 2022.  Word and X-it, both born in 2000, have been hunted since Word’s mother was murdered in 2008. They’re stuck in the Split Second between life and death when they land on the doorstep of a strange old crone.

Along with Word and X-it you’ll meet Et, a creature from another galaxy who often appears as the old crone, and Death who likes to appear as Cat, Bat, Kiss, Gaga, and Bowie. Also in the story are Aisha and Jamaal, who are graffiti artists being hunted by Sick-Reapers and A.I. – artificial intelligence hostile to biological intelligence – running amok in New York City.

Their survival depends on Death splitting time to save Word from the Sick Reapers who are searching for the mysterious box Word’s mother gave her just before she died.

The magic of the Split Second Solution is that science and myth are combined to tell the truth. Word is the Last Truth Keeper, and by reading the story we just might save the world!


Split Second Solution, by Denny Taylor, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. More booksellers coming soon!

Early Reviews

Split Second Solution is about survival, a call for youth to respond to the deadly conflicts occurring within political arenas … Profoundly allegorical and woven with allusions, the conversations and encounters of the characters go beyond “genre tradition” – challenging perceptions of race, gender and love. – Josefa Pace, Sonoma State University

Denny Taylor’s futuristic urban fantasy, Split Second Solution, supposes a very different world, albeit less than a decade away, but one that’s all too frighteningly plausible considering today’s culture … Split Second Solution challenges your imagination and makes you see the world and its potential in an entirely different light. – Jack Magnus, Readers Favorite

Split Second Solution reminds me of the works of Neil Gaiman– especially the Sandman Series. Denny Taylor has created a unique love story filled with mystery, science, and myth … I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves a tale well told that challenges the reader as it entertains. – Kris Moger, Readers Favorite

There’s a lot going on in the futuristic novel Split Second Solution … The more you read, the more you learn, and you still feel like you want to know a whole lot more. I loved this book and I would love to read the next one in the series as well. – Samantha Dewitt (Rivera), Readers Favorite

Split Second Solution, by Denny Taylor, is available as an early release on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  More booksellers coming soon!


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