Garn Press Author Celebration: August 26 through August 31, 2016 – Books List

Garn Press is giving a shout-out to all authors who will be participating in the weeklong Garn Press Author Celebration in New York City the last week in August, and we are inviting you join us. At Garn we wish you great books and great reading experiences with featured books in our new downloadable PDF in support of the Garn Press Author Celebration. Download the Books List (PDF). And catch up on Garn Press Author Celebration news here. Special thank you to Jerry Harste for the hearts image. More information coming soon!


Garn Press Author Celebration: Press Release (PDF)
Garn Press Author Celebration: Event Cards (PDF)
Garn Press Author Celebration: Authors List (PDF)
Garn Press Author Celebration: Books List (PDF)

GREAT BOOKS: At Garn we wish you great books and great reading experiences. Remain brave, be fearless, and don’t forget to have fun in these most challenging of times.

HOPE: At Garn Press “HOPE” has come to mean Opportunity and Possibility in times of Emergency. “Where’s the hope?” we constantly ask. How does this book inspire positive action?

TRUST: Put your trust in the people – Garn’s mission is to provide writers and readers with opportunities to engage with each other in new and original ways

ACTIONABLE KNOWLEDGE: The task is to imagine the future so we can re-imagine the present, and ask what actionable knowledge do we need to change the future now?

Garn Author Celebration - Book List-1

We hope you will join Garn Press and celebrate the authors who have dedicated their lives to people and society and imagination and the human spirit. . Download the Books List (PDF). More information coming soon!


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