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Rick Meyer has been a writer for as long as he can remember. He loves to play with language in ways that inspire readers to consider ideas that he thinks are neglected. Rick typically does this through his teaching at the University of New Mexico or in the professional articles and books that he writes.

But in his novels and poetry, he challenges readers to notice the subtle everyday things that we often take for granted. He writes about the flabby part of his teacher’s arm that extends from her elbow to her shoulder and is amazed at the way it wobbles as she writes on the board. Or the aroma of rice cooking with tomato paste, which can serve as an alarm for a pending dinner of doom that has the taste of every leftover from the refrigerator.

Woven through those subtleties, he brings to light the difficult parts of being a boy, such as dealing with a bully, convincing a friend not to murder a beautiful fish, and understanding the complicated relationship between a boy and his father.


About the Book, Flush: The Exaggerated Memoir of a Fourth Grade Scaredy-Cat Super-Hero, by Rick Meyer

When fourth grade ends, Ricky is on his own for the summer because his parents have jobs and his sisters are, well, they’re sisters so he’s not interested in them. The summer begins on a high note as he begins gathering items left at people’s curbsides, things like lawn mowers, baby strollers, old lamps, and appliances.

His plans to build a vehicle go well, and then he starts building a robot. But his plans are interrupted as he rides around the neighborhood one morning and gets jumped by Mike. Mike beats up Ricky, leaving him bloody and his bike in ruins. Fearing his father’s reaction to the wrecked bike and his mother’s reaction to his torn and bloody clothing, Ricky hides both and secretly works on repairing his bike.

His relationship with his father is confusing for Ricky as he tries to please him but just cannot seem to do so. Ricky’s father is equally confused by their relationship. The summer meanders through other adventures, including a recurring nightmare in which Ricky, a skinny kid, is flushed down the toilet. Catastrophe follows disaster as Ricky works to keep his summer secrets from his parents, fearing they will get a babysitter to keep watch over him if they know some of the many things that have been going on. Available now as an early release on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


rick-meyer-flush-garn-press-book-cover-2Flush: The Exaggerated Memoir of a Fourth Grade Scaredy-Cat Super-Hero

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-942146-39-1
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-942146-40-7
eBook ISBN: 978-1-942146-41-4
Hardcover & Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble






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