What Happens When the Ice Melts? The Case for Global Leaders and the Public to become Ice Literate – Part One

In “Why a Climate Deal is the Best Hope for Peace” published in The New Yorker, November 18 2015, Jason Box and Naomi Klein state:

We are finally starting to recognize that climate change leads to wars and economic ruin. It’s time to recognize that intelligent climate policy is fundamental to lasting peace and economic justice.

Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate, is well known but the public knows much less about Jason Box, who is an ice-sheet climatologist and geographer who has left the U.S. and is living in Denmark and conducting research on Greenland.

At Garn Press we consider Jason Box one of the coolest people on the planet. He knows more about ice than any of us. More importantly he knows what will happen to human societies living on the planet as global surface temperatures rise and Arctic ice melts.  Jason and his colleagues know the significance of last January’s  +25 Celsius Arctic warm anomaly centered over the Russian High Arctic not the “North Pole”.

In this post Garn Press argues the case for the public to become ice literate and for our political leaders to either demonstrate their deep knowledge of what will happen to the planet and to humanity if the ice melts or to step aside.

What happens when the ice melts? is a question to ask Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the U.S., Theresa May in the U.K., and Angela Merkel too – although the German Chancellor has on many occasions demonstrated considerable knowledge of climate change and participated in the First Interdisciplinary Nobel Laureates Symposium, “Global Sustainability: A Nobel Cause”, in Potsdam, October 2007.

While candidates in the U.S. and the U.K. jostle for power it is up to the public in both nations to insist that they address: What happens when the ice melts? The future of humanity depends on our political leaders being capable of responding to this question. Every aspect of our existence is linked to it – social and economic stability, health and safety, food and water – no one and no aspect of our lives will be exempt.

Given that this is case the question we must ask ourselves is: Do we know what will happen when the ice melts? Fortunately through social media we can go to the source — to the actual  ice-sheet climatologists and geographers — for the information we need.

Here is a primer from Jason Box. Garn Press is reprinting some of his Tweets and videos in a two part series to fill in the gaps. Follow Jason Box on Twitter to get constant updates. You don’t need a background in science to get the message and the graphics very quickly get easier to read.

It helps that Jason posts articles from newspapers and other sources that we might not find otherwise.

Garn Press encourages everyone to use the information Jason provides to ask the candidates in both the U.S. and U.K. who will decide our children’s future: What happens when the ice melts?














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