26 Five Star Amazon Reviews for Bloody Lane, by Martin Lee and Matthew Fleury

Great 5-star customer reviews (26) of Bloody Lane, by Martin Lee and Matthew Fleury. Available for purchase in hardcover, paperback, and as an ebook – AmazonBarnes & NobleAppleKobo.

Curt Dudley-MarlingBloody Lane

Authors: Martin Lee and Matthew Fleury
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-942146-23-0
Paperback ISBN:978-1-942146-25-4
eBook ISBN: 978-1-942146-27-8
Hardcover: $27.95
Paperback: $17.95
eBook: $9.99
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Five Star Amazon Customer Reviews

An Engaging and Well-plotted Mystery Surrounding the Battlefield at Antietam

“An engaging and well-plotted mystery surrounding the battlefield at Antietam and the long term impact of the Civil War on this country’s political and social evolution. This book has something to offer both crime novel enthusiasts and history buffs alike, providing interesting characters, an evocative setting, and well-crafted storytelling. I’m hoping for a lengthy series and more adventures with Felix.”

I Loved this Book

“I loved this book, even though I’m not a fiction fan. It’s a great read for both mystery lovers and Civil War buffs and inspires me to visit the town and battlefield where it takes place. The characters, atmosphere and plot give off a noirish air that would make Philip Marlowe feel right at home.”

A Stunning Novel of Murder and Greed

“Bloody Lane is a terrific novel. It combines contemporary political and social issues with Civil War legacy, and it turns it all into a wonderful contemporary murder mystery. Civil War reenactors and venal politicians combine with minor league baseball create a marvelous sub text. I highly recommend this novel to any one viewing this website.”

A Suspenseful Detective Story to Educate the Reader in Civil War history

“A real page-turner, beautifully written. A clever plot with a final twist that fits seamlessly into the story line. In addition to the thrill of an excellently crafted detective story the reader gets the bonus of a serious lesson in Civil War history, impeccably researched. Not to be missed.”

A Gripping and Enthralling Mystery!

“A murder mystery with true-to-life characters and intriguing clues, Bloody Lane works on many levels. And the locale and setting in and around Civil War battlegrounds suffuses the narrative in ghostly echoes from those bygone killing fields. Martin Lee and Matthew Fleury brew this alchemy with a mastery one would never expect from first time novelists. They have delivered a genuine page-turner—yet written so artfully that one has to linger to savor the prose!”

Civil War Who Dunit Set in Modern Day

“Compelling ending, didn’t see it coming! Fast read. Accessible characters.”

More Felix Allaben!

“Agree with all of the enthusiastic reviews but would like to add that I found it this book particularly timely given all of the current state of (as someone said “paranoid”) politics and current events such as the armed Bundy rebellion out west. I found the combination of classic hard boiled detective story and contemporary issues riveting. Loved all of the characters. Let’s hope the authors have plans for more!”

A Really Good Murder-mystery Read

“A really good murder-mystery read, replete with plenty of references for Civil War buffs. One hopes to be seeing more of protagonist Felix Allaben.”

Smart and Suspenseful!

“An exciting and intelligent thriller, with well-developed characters and an outstanding blend of Civil War and present-day history and concerns. Highly recommended as a really good read.”

A Great Read

“OMG! I am not a person who reads mysteries. I must say, however – that after the first 1-2 chapters, I was hooked. Really, I could not put this book down. The characters were compelling….they seemed so real. There was history and current events and a true portrayal of “how things work (or not)” in this country. I learned about the history of the Civil War while also trying to figure out who committed the murder(s) and what would happen. It was a page-turner. I will be recommending this novel to my book club.”

Good Modern Mystery, Excellent Historical Context

“The book is a page turner with a strong sense of place. I particularly appreciated the sense of continuity from the Civil War to the present. More, please.”

I Highly Recommend it

“This is a well-researched and well-written crime novel with a Civil War historical background but a contemporary setting. It holds the reader’s attention throughout. I highly recommend it.”

I Loved this Book

“I loved this book. A perfect combination of thriller murder mystery and historical background. I have done extensive reading about the Civil War and so this novel had me from page one. It was a real page turner. Loved the characters and background information. The author weaves a great plot that keeps you guessing till the last page. I vote for a sequel is soon as possible.”

New Scenery for a Good Murder Mystery

“Being a reader of mysteries and who-dun-its and having an interest in the Civil War, this page turner met both of my expectations. You do not have to be a Civil War enthusiast to appreciate this mystery since the authors give just enough background at the scene of the crimes to understand the story. The problem with the story is that in our society, with movies, TV shows and other media, it is obvious who the bad guy(s) are in the book. It is well written and easy to follow and when the climax is revealed, the authors tie up all the loose ends for this story with an ending which will probably lead to a sequel or sequels. The main characters are well developed and one can look forward to a movie or TV series.”

Buy it! Don’t Miss Out on this One!

“Absolutely love historical crime novels. This one keeps you guessing as the plot winds thru history and current day events. The characters come alive :). This is a great read & I’m looking forward to authors next book.”

Bloody Lane – a Bloody Good Book!

“A wonderful, well-paced read with great dialogue, interesting characters, lots of historical background and intrigue. As soon as I finished it I was hoping for a sequel.”

Five Stars

“Well-written, creates an authentic world of political paranoia. I couldn’t put it down.”

Bloody Lane is a Joy to Experience, Transporting the Reader into a Lush World of Suspense and Intrigue.

“Brilliantly written – a real page turner! Lee and Fleury keep up the suspense while providing a lush glimpse into the world of Felix Allaben. The visceral descriptions of characters and surroundings make for a rewarding experience for the reader, who is effortlessly transported into the modern day Western Maryland, while occasionally being encouraged to imagine what that very region was like during the Civil War. Well-realized, and thoughtfully written, I would highly recommend Bloody Lane to avid and casual readers and history buffs alike. But you don’t have to be a Civil War buff – I’m certainly not – to appreciate the caliber and craft of the writing in Bloody Lane.”

A Really Great Crime Mystery Told Really Well!

“Although I’m sure history buffs, specifically those interested in the Civil War, will get a particular kick out of the tie-ins, as someone with very little knowledge on the subject I can tell you that this is great read just because its a really great story told really well. Just the right amount of complexity to keep me guessing about the mystery, dynamic characters that jump off the page, and beautiful evocative prose make this a real-page turner. I hope this isn’t the last we see of detective Felix Allaben!”

I’ve Never Read Crime Fiction Much Before – so Glad Bloody Lane was Recommended

“I’ve never read crime fiction much before – so glad Bloody Lane was recommended. A page turner from beginning to end – lush setting descriptions, snappy dialog, evil bad guys, family drama and historical lessons all in a modern setting. I’m looking forward to Felix’s Alaban’s future cases!”

Bloody Lane: Resurrected from Horror to a Clear Winner!

“This is a good read. The characters are well defined and carefully honed. It’s filled with atmosphere and dramatic backgrounds. The reader is kept in suspense with small clues here and there until the final reveal. It’s well written and I can recommend it highly to those who cherish Civil War related material and murder mysteries alike.”

Great Read!

“Loved this mystery novel which takes place on critical lands of the Civil War. I visited the region recently, and that visit enriched my appreciation of the book. The book had me guessing from beginning to end. I’m usually good at predicting plot twists and hidden villains, but this book was a surprise throughout. Total fun read. I absolutely recommend it to mystery buffs or anyone knowledgeable about the Civil War battles in and around Antietam.”

It is an Easy read that Turns into Quite a Suspenseful Page Turner

“I am not a crime reader but this book helped me revisit the lovely town of Frederick, MD where a lot of the exciting action of this book takes place. It is an easy read that turns into quite a suspenseful page turner that keeps the reader guessing. I see a franchise here with a well drawn protagonist with a compelling back story. Civil War bluffs and mystery readers alike can enjoy this excellent book. Can’t wait for any sequels….Felix Allaben rocks!”

Allaben’s Drawn Well

“Fantastic detective/thriller – the writing on par with the best of Mankell, Indridason, Nesser, and other crime writers I’ve been reading lately. I “couldn’t put it down” (although that had to be interrupted by Thanksgiving dinner). I hope we see Inspector Allaben return soon.”

One of the Year’s Best New Crime Novels

“As a reader addicted to crime fiction, it’s a joy to find a new book clearly authored by writers who understand their craft and the genre. The story is an interesting blend of today and yesterday and there’s a nice counterpoint to the plot, especially for history buffs. Felix Allaben, the book’s special investigator, is special indeed. Characters are finely drawn, and if you haven’t visited any Civil War battlefields, you’ll feel like you were right there! This book is smart and enjoyable with a nice pace to the plot, so an intriguing read on several levels. My first thought upon finishing it was, “is there another?”

A Bloody Good Read!

“Modern-day mystery with direct echoes of its setting–the Antietam National Battlefield and environs. Former Baltimore police officer Felix Allaben is hired as a special investigator to solve the murder of a re-enactor found shot in the head on the hallowed grounds of the National battlefield. As Allaben digs into the puzzling case, he uncovers dark secrets, unknown connections, and dirty dealings.”


More Reviews

“A body lies dead on the battlefield at Antietam. Nothing unusual there – so did 23,000 others, victims of the bloodiest day of the Civil War … however, the time is today, not 1862, and the dead man is a victim of murder, not war. So begins this riveting, intricately plotted, beautifully written novel, with a rich cast of characters and a plot that brilliantly parallels the events of September 17, 1862 …” – Robert Leonard Reid, author of Arctic Circle and Mountains of the Great Blue Dream

“Loved it! If you’re a Civil War buff, you won’t be able to put this book down. But even if you know nothing at all about that history, you’ll quickly be hooked by an ingenious plot and a fascinating cast of characters. Martin Lee and Matthew Fleury are natural-born story-tellers, and I congratulate them for keeping me guessing right up until the surprising climax. Bloody Lane is a bloody good read!” – Krin Gabbard, Professor Emeritus, Stony Brook University

“Felix Allaben is a vividly drawn, hard-boiled character in the tradition of Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade. After a murder at historic Antietam battlefield, Detective Allaben gets pulled into a murky and dangerous world, where nothing is as it appears. Stylish, taut, complex … a bloody good read.” – Justin Martin, author of Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman and America’s First Bohemians


Book Description

Felix Allaben is a haunted man. Haunted by the memory of his wife, gunned down in a mugging gone awry. Haunted by his responsibilities as a single father of a teenage girl. And, as Bloody Lane opens, haunted by the murder of Curtis Gwynn, an ex-cop whom Allaben had known when both served in the Baltimore Police Department. Gwynn is found dressed in the uniform of a Civil War re-enactor on the hallowed grounds of the Antietam battlefield—shot through the head.

Allaben is a special investigator with the Department of Justice. He has been summoned by a shadowy official in Washington to get to the bottom of the crime. Working in tandem with the local sheriff, Felix weaves his way through a maze of leads, lies, and dead ends in his effort to make sense of this first death and of others that unexpectedly follow. In so doing, he comes up against an armed, active, neo-Confederate hate group operating out of a local gun club and bent on domestic terrorism.

The suspects are many. Among them are an unstable realtor with whom Gwynn was having an affair; her alcoholic, hot-headed husband; their son, a Civil War enthusiast who’s been upset by the unsavory lifestyles of his parents; her brother, a rising politician, and a retired Navy contractor, as well as other members of the aforementioned militia.

Bloody Lane is set in and around Frederick, Maryland, a small city with an intriguing past. The infamous Civil War battle of Antietam, fought nearby, yielded the single bloodiest day in American history. The conclusion is both violent and unsettling.

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