Five Star Amazon Reviews for The Educator And The Oligarch by Anthony Cody

Great 5-star customer reviews of The Educator And The Oligarch, by Anthony Cody, winner of the 2015 George Orwell Award, given by the NCTE Public Language Awards Committee of the National Council of Teachers of English, and the prestigious eLit Award Silver Medal in the education category. New edition available for purchase in hardcover, paperback, and as an ebook.


010-ac-book-2016-borderedThe Educator And The Oligarch: A Teacher Challenges The Gates Foundation

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Winner of the 2015 George Orwell Award, given by the NCTE Public Language Awards Committee of the National Council of Teachers of English. “Congratulations, and thank you for your efforts to promote honesty and clarity in public language”. – NCTE Awards Committee, NCTE

“A powerful and important book by one of the most courageous advocates for sanity and simple justice in our public schools.” – Jonathan Kozol

“This book is a record of Anthony Cody’s valiant struggle to force the nation’s most powerful foundation and richest person to listen to the voice of an experienced teacher.” – Diane Ravitch

“Anthony Cody’s new book is a requirement for teachers in an era defined by the Gates Foundation’s attempt to turn classrooms into a test prep centers.” – Jesse Hagopian

“Anthony Cody’s book is a timely and concise reminder of just how much of a spoiled man’s playground American public education has become to Gates and his profound net worth.” – Mercedes Schneider

“Anthony Cody’s new book The Educator and the Oligarch is a brilliant, point by point challenge to Bill Gates role in undermining public education in the United States.” – Mark Naison


Five Star Amazon Customer Reviews

This book is so important!

This book addresses the takeover of our public schools, the cornerstone of a democratic society, by private interests.
“Our public schools are one of the cornerstones of democratic life in our country. They exist not only to provide opportunity for individual students, but also as a common resource, in which we invest as community members.” The enormously powerful Gates foundation threatens this: His model for educational reform “is built on a vision for social change that asserts that in order for the needs of the poor to be met effectively, the drive for profits must be unleashed.… In Gates’ view, the way to meet the needs of the poor is to make it profitable for corporations to do so. The simple fact that a drive for profits is far more often the source of poverty than a solution to it has escaped him.” “All of these ‘reforms’ undermine the democratic control of our public education system, and wherever possible, shift control into testing companies, private ventures, or individuals subject to corporate influence.” This needs to be known! Cody’s book needs to be known!

Five Stars

Outstanding book regarding changes in u.s. education

Five Stars

Important voice, and important work from a leading educator.

Brilliant Demolition of the Gates’ Philosophy of Education-Reform

Anthony Cody, a real teacher with deep experience, offers a brilliant and mordant rebuttal of much of the Bill Gates/Gates Foundation led “initiatives” on education that are both myopic and arrogant at once. Cody dissects argument after argument and offers ripostes both from the perspective of data and experience but also from the perspective of the Gates philosophy being inconsistent and illogical. Yet another piece of clear evidence that the arrogance of the powerful (that what has “worked” for them in the past must work for all areas of endeavor”) has to be deconstructed and, further, that the self-serving cant of technocracy is patently absurd.

5 Stars

Thank you for writing this important book.

Take Back Education of our Children

Recommend all parents read this book – Parents take back education – teachers will lose their jobs if they try

Five Stars

Great book.

A Must Read for Educators, School Financial Supporters and Researchers

Well written and on target.

Five Stars

Delivered as promised…… thanks!

Anthony Cody has Clearly Done his Homework

This is a well written, easy to read, well documented account of how Bill Gates has purchased an overwhelming amount of influence in our education system. Anthony Cody is a great writer and shows with this book that his skills as a journalist are definitely equal to his skills as a writer. I would recommend this book to every legislator, school board member and superintendent in America, as well as parents, teachers, and anyone who cares about the future of our public schools. Cody not only nails the problem, he offers some well thought out alternatives to the private take over of one of our most fundamental democratic institutions.

This Book Does a Nice job of Bringing to Light Some Very Important Questions in Education Reform.

Very interesting and thought provoking, this book does a nice job of bringing to light some very important questions in education reform. Well worth the read!

We Need to Protect Public Education from a Corporate Takeover

Anthony Cody nails it! He carefully lays out how the Gates Foundation is undermining public education by introducing huge economic advantageous for the private sector to become involved. He explain as how the altruistic group abandoned the small school movement with project based learning for data based evaluations determined by standardized tests. Gates supported institutions, mainly charter schools that included a windful of test development from Peason, keeping only the motivated students, supply the materials and controlling class size. And as Cody points out still these schools often did worse than the Public schools that lacked materials, had no control over class size or who entered the class. Everyone remembers the one bad teacher that ruined one year, but Cody explains the fallacies in VAM evaluations. Standardized tests measure only a small faction of what learning should be. The whole API scores have been a marketing ploy to segregate neighborhoods and increase real estate values. It has been a justification for not supporting education. But it has also demoralized the teaching profession, making the turn over rate for teachers less than five years. The Education and the Oligarch is another must read to understand he insidious corporate takeover of our society.

Excellent insight into the Gates Foundation involvement with Public Education

Excellent insight into the Gates Foundation involvement with public education, and evidence as to the harm it’s caused in public education.

An Enormous Amount of Time and Energy (not to mention hand-wringing and anxiety) Goes into Implementing the Latest and Greatest.

This book should be required reading for every policy maker in America. As a public school teacher in NY, I’ve watched the same ‘reforms’ cycle through every few years (they do seem to be cycling faster now). An enormous amount of time and energy (not to mention hand-wringing and anxiety) goes into implementing the latest and greatest. Speakers are paid to give us mediocre (at best) and insulting talks about all that we’re doing wrong. New initiatives and committees are formed and business goes on as usual. Voters need to start educating themselves about what’s going on and who’s behind it. This book is a good start.

Anthony Cody Speaks Truth to Power, and We All Win

Anthony Cody is one of the first educators I saw using his ‘teacher’s voice’ to stand up to reformers…to push back against reformers. He helped organize and host the Save Our Schools March and Rally on July 30, 2011. I was there, in awe, watching education heroes come to the makeshift stage and remind us how important our fight was…How much the children of our country needed us to keep pushing.



About the Book

From the Common Core to test-based teacher evaluation systems cropping up around the country, to the rapid expansion of semi-private charter schools, the Gates Foundation has had a huge, largely invisible influence on public education in 21st century America.

Can a teacher challenge the wealthiest man in the world? Anthony Cody, who spent 24 years working in the high poverty schools of Oakland, California, has done so here. Education reform is the top domestic priority for the Gates Foundation, and this philanthropic organization has poured billions of dollars into reshaping American schools. This money has paid for research, advocacy, and a whole non-profit industry aligned with the Gates agenda. According to Cody, their chosen path of data-driven reform, centered on high stakes tests, educational technology and market-based competition between schools, threatens great harm to public education.

The Gates agenda has largely become the guiding policy for the Obama administration’s Department of Education. Gates-sponsored projects like the Common Core have support of major corporations, the Chamber of Commerce, and Republican leaders like Jeb Bush as well. In this book, that agenda is subjected to a detailed critique.

In part one, Cody describes what he calls “the assault on public education” waged by Gates and his foundation. In part two, we find Cody in direct conversation with representatives of the Gates Foundation, describing in detail the flaws in their approach, and offering constructive alternatives. Part three explores the dystopian future Gatesian reforms are bringing into our schools. In the closing section, Cody turns the tables on Gates, holding him and his foundation accountable for the impact they have had on our children and schools. In doing so, he raises disturbing questions about the growing role corporate philanthropies such as the Gates Foundation are playing in public policy, and the dangers we face when market forces are made central to our educational system.


About Anthony Cody

Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Anthony attended public schools there, and later graduated from UC Berkeley. His parents owned Cody’s Books on Telegraph Ave, for many years one of the largest independent book stores on the West coast. He has two sons, now aged 22 and 24.

Social activism was a family value, and led Anthony to get his teaching credential in 1987, which he used to get a job teaching science at Bret Harte Middle School, where he taught for 18 years. In 2000, he became one of Oakland’s first National Board certified teachers, and led district-wide efforts to strengthen science instruction.

In 2005 he left the classroom to become a Peer Assistance and Review “consulting teacher,” working to help struggling teachers improve. In his next position, he headed a district-wide mentoring program designed to support beginning science teachers, called TeamScience.

His blog, Living in Dialogue, was launched at Education Week/Teacher in 2008, and has won numerous awards, including a first place prize from the Education Writers of America in 2013. This blog has recently been reborn as an independent site, at He created the Facebook community, Teachers’ Letters to Obama, in 2009, and delivered strong messages of concern to the White House regarding the president’s education policies.

In 2011, he was among the core organizers of the Save Our Schools March in Washington, DC, which brought more than 5000 protesters to the nation’s capital. In 2013, he joined with Diane Ravitch to found the Network for Public Education, a national advocacy group that advocates for meaningful reform, and supports candidates willing to stand up for public schools.

In 2011, he retired from the Oakland schools after 24 years, and now lives in Mendocino County with his wife, two dogs and a cat named Pierre.


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