Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on Climate Change: Truth Telling Takes Courage and Perseverance

Audio Originally Posted on Public Radio International (PRI) | May 2016

Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has given 135 speeches on the Senate floor to urge his colleagues to act on climate change by clearly stating “Time to Wake Up“. Truth telling has always taken courage and truth tellers often get slammed. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse does almost everyday now. For three years he has given weekly speeches in Congress on the dangers of climate change – 135 speeches to an almost empty assembly room with his only constant companion a green sign on a easel that warns the somnolent senators satiated with oily money that it’s “TIME TO WAKE UP”.

Public Radio International and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Hope is in the rebellious voices, like the voice of Senator Whitehouse that rings out loud and clear on YouTube for everyone in U.S. Society to hear, even though in Congress his voice falls on dead ears. But whatever way we plan to act, for the sake of our kids let’s give a shout-out for Senator Whitehouse for his years of truth telling to the US. Congress. Follow Senator Whitehouse on Facebook.



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