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At Garn we want the public to have the best possible opportunity to participate in decisions about the planet and their kids — to have the confidence of knowing what’s happening and a chance to respond to the rapid changes that are taking place. Garn is particularly interested in publishing easily accessible books by scientists and scholars — many of whom are teachers and first time authors — whose professional experience and scientific knowledge challenge the false narratives about human societies and unearth the propaganda that is often presented to the public as “factual” and “the truth.”


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  • Award Winning Books: Including the NCTE George Orwell Award for speaking truth to power.
  • Award Winning Book Design: USA Best Books for Cover Design.
  • Garn Nonfiction: Compelling ideas and arguments based on primary research and investigative reporting ignored by mainstream media.
  • Garn Fiction: Page turning novels with authors rivalling the literary genius of beloved classics.
  • Live Garn Press Events: The GP Author Celebration brought crowds to the Strand Bookstore (NYC). Book release events and social forums.
  • Author Interviews: Videos, audios, and print interviews of every author are on the website.
  • Author & Book Editorial Features: Daily updates on the website keeps readers informed about the authors and books published by Garn.
  • Featured Editorial Articles and World News Commentary: Posts not filtered as they are in the mainstream media. Often based on discussions with the scientists (e.g. Glaciologist in Greenland) engaged in primary research.
  • Curated World News video and video playlists: Vital, dynamic, informative.
  • Exclusive Garn Press Produced Videos: Author interviews, readings and GP sponsored events.
  • Exclusive Garn Press Produced Audios: Streaming and Podcasts (NEW)
  • Exclusive Photo Galleries

At Garn another urgent question that is constantly asked is: “What will life on Earth be like in 50 years time?” This question is followed by: “What actionable knowledge do we need to change the future now?” And, “What can the public do to change a very dangerous and uncertain future of all our children?

Garn Press is actively supporting writers of conscience who offer original research based perspectives on the most pressing issues of our day including: climate change, inequality, privatization of public education, children with special needs, gun violence, and many other critical factors jeopardizing social, economic, and environmental sustainability. In addition to books Garn press is publishing articles and commentaries by many renowned educators, artists, and scientists.

Garn Press is also committed nurturing the imagination and human spirit by publishing great novels and poetry. Garn’s award winning novelists and poets share this ideal, and all the fiction books published by Garn – whether mysteries, fantasies, or historical novels — are written not only to entertain, but also to raise serious questions about time, memory and whether what we see – in life as well as in the mirror – is what is really what is occurring.

The Garn Press website is groundbreaking in the publishing industry with few parallels. Garn publishes new original content on a daily basis not only about authors and books, but also articles, editorials, and commentaries about the most urgent issues of our day.

At Garn with Patreon’s support we promise to continue publishing great books and providing great reading opportunities for readers that encourage all of us to be brave, be fearless, and not forget to imagine the extraordinary opportunities of being human in these most challenging times. Thank you for your support!


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