I AM A TEACHER by Becca Ritchie, NEA BAT Caucus Chair

National Education Association (NEA) | Badass Teachers (BAT)

By Becca Ritchie

I AM A TEACHER. This year marks 26 years. 
I went to college, got a four-year degree.
Was required to go back to college for further education or a Master’s Degree. I have four endorsements on my teaching certificate.
I applied for three teaching positions in my career.
I endured state and national testing.
I was finger printed and background checked.
I trained before, during, and after my training/ education.
I continue to train because I am a lifelong learner.
Since full time employment, I have sacrificed time, sleep, and Family.
I have sacrificed my own money year after year to provide for my students.
I am a teacher.
I have learned, lasted, endured change, endured further change, and endured orders to embrace the change.
I have endured harassing phone calls and emails with grace and professionalism.
I teach the kids who live on your streets.
I teach the kids that have been bailed out of jail.
I teach the kids whose home situations you could never imagine even in your worst nightmares.
I teach ALL students no matter their socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, medical/ psychiatric condition, good or poor attitude, religion, family circumstances.
All this while being accused by the federal and state government for being part of a failing system,
I endure name calling, shame, and criticism simply because I am a teacher.
I am professionally evaluated using a system that our state’s legislature REQUIRES me to take classes about. (Chew on that…classes are required to understand the evaluation system)
And despite it all,
I AM a teacher
And devoted to this noble calling. If that’s Abnormal so be it.


Garn Press Supports Becca Richie

At Garn Press we applaud Becca Richie and support her. In her email signature she included this quote from Ken Robinson:

I believe our only hope for the future is to adopt a new conception of human ecology. One in which we start to reconstitute our conception of the richness of human capacity. Our education system has mined our minds the way we have strip mined the earth: For a particular commodity. And for the future, it won’t serve us. We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we are educating our children. . . .We must see our creative capacities for the richness they are and see our children for the hope that they are. And our task is to educate the whole being so they can face the future. By the way, we may not see this future, but they will. And our job is to help them make something of it.

At Garn Press that’s our vision too and will keep pressing on, grateful for the courage of teachers like Becca Richie.



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