PODCAST: “School Choice Meltdown in Motown” from the Have You Heard Podcast

By Jennifer Berkshire | Published on haveyouheardblog.com | 2017 | Jennifer Berkshire is a contributing author to United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Opposing Trump’s Agenda – Essays on Protest and Resistance, available on Amazon ($14.95) | Syndication made possible through Patreon.

By Jennifer Berkshire 

I talked to parents in Detroit who are living through that city’s experiment in unregulated school choice…

Since Betsy DeVos was nominated to serve as the top edu-official in the land, her role in shaping Detroit as an education laboratory in which an out-of-control lab fire now burns, has been subject to plenty of scrutiny. But we haven’t heard enough from parents who are living through the city’s experiment in unregulated school choice. In this episode of Have You Heard, the final installment of my ten-part series with collaborator Aaron French, I headed to Detroit to talk to parents about Motown’s school choice meltdown. They describe what it’s like when schools shut down without notice, leaving them to fend for themselves in the “education marketplace,” while mass school closures have left whole neighborhoods without schools. It’s a hard story to hear, and yet these parents, and the advocacy group they’re part of, 482Forward, will leave you feeling hopeful—something we could all use a little more of these days!

Have You Heard heads to Detroit to hear from parents about how they’re faring in the city’s “education marketplace.” We listen in as they describe neighborhoods that have become school deserts, and the chaos of dealing with schools that suddenly close their doors.

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Jennifer Berkshire is a Writer, Editor, and Author of the Have You Heard Blog and Co-Host of its Weekly Podcast on Education in the Time of Trump. Connect: haveyouheardblog.com | SoundCloud Facebook.

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