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Author: Denny Taylor
Garn Press (244 pp.)
$27.95 hardcover, $14.35 paperback (ON SALE), $9.99 e-book. Ebook $2.99 through Kindle Matchbook Program
ISBN: 978-1-942146-45-2
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About Split Second Solution

Split Second Solution is a modern fable, a magical love story that is both strangely mysterious and terrifying real.

It’s 2022.  Word and X-it, both born in 2000, have been hunted since Word’s mother was murdered in 2008. They’re stuck in the Split Second between life and death when they land on the doorstep of a strange old crone.

Along with Word and X-it you’ll meet Et, a creature from another galaxy who often appears as the old crone, and Death who likes to appear as Cat, Bat, Kiss, Gaga, and Bowie. Also in the story are Aisha and Jamaal, who are graffiti artists being hunted by Sick-Reapers and A.I. – artificial intelligence hostile to biological intelligence – running amok in New York City.

Their survival depends on Death splitting time to save Word from the Sick Reapers who are searching for the mysterious box Word’s mother gave her just before she died.

The magic of the Split Second Solution is that science and myth are combined to tell the truth. Word is the Last Truth Keeper, and by reading the story we just might save the world!

Amazon Book Reviews

Impressive book. I recommend it highly. You WILL be surprised, and you will know why the title page indicates this is Book One. – Amazon Customer, Amazon.

While reading Split, I was immersed in the fascinating futuristic world created by Taylor; a world where Death sometimes makes you laugh and all the while you are continuously thinking deeply about the possibilities of life. Split is simply a great read.  – Amazon Customer, Amazon.

By example, Split Second Solution offers the reader important arguments about why we need to pay attention to our lives, our society, and our political climate. Split Second Solution is also flat-out good entertainment. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well-written story laden with meaning and populated with people you can’t help but appreciate. – Amazon Customer, Amazon.

The book is clever and extremely prescient. – Amazon Customer, Amazon.

Split Second Solution is simply brilliant. It is fantastic, seemingly far-fetched and, at first glance, so imaginative as to be merely entertaining. I found myself intensely drawn into the world Taylor creates. Compelling indeed, but frightening too. The book is remarkably prescient. If you don’t know what I mean, read this book. Then join the resistance.  – Amazon Customer, Amazon.

Denny Taylor foresees the future that is eerily like the near present. Did she foresee the Trump era? Read and be ready for surprises. – Amazon Customer, Amazon.

When Denny Taylor wrote this novel prior to the 2016 US election, she did not know what would happen but her writing did. She wrote a strangely real novel that provides a glimmer into the disaster that could be this society in the near future. Her novel combines creativity, the seriousness of our time, with gorgeous literary and philosophical references and some pretty delightful and endearing characters. In short Taylor balances the shadow and the light to show the cracks of possibility and of resilience and the humanity of us all! A must read! – Amazon Customer, Amazon.

From the opening scene I felt I was reading something like a Miyazaki masterpiece. The descriptions are so vivid that only his genius talent for animation could capture them. Just as Howl’s Moving Castle takes you on a journey with both darkness and light, here there is palpable evil and fragile heroism in non-cliched plot twists and turns. Required reading for our times. – Amazon Customer, Amazon.

Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

Reviewed by Jack Magnus – Readers’ Favorite 

Denny Taylor’s futuristic urban fantasy, Split Second Solution, supposes a very different world albeit less than a decade away, but one that’s all too frighteningly plausible considering today’s culture. Taylor paints a gloomy picture of a repressive country where books and reading become crimes punishable by death; where knowledge is a crime. Ginger Tom, the political force behind the change, is eerily reminiscent of at least one political figure now in a somewhat shaky ascendance, and his followers seem all too pleased with eschewing knowledge in favor of mindless obedience. I loved following Word and X-it’s story as they describe those tense moments getting on the bus while guards are searching for her, and getting to know Grann, the elderly Cajun woman who outwits them all and takes the two children under her wing was marvelous. So much happens as time literally stands still in that split second remaining of Word’s life, and the final resolution is anything but certain in this thought-provoking and unique tale. Split Second Solution challenges your imagination and makes you see the world and its potential in an entirely different light. It’s most highly recommended. – Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed By Kris Moger – Readers’ Favorite 

Split Second Solution by Denny Taylor is one of the most interesting and unique stories I have read in a long time. It reminds me of the works of Neil Gaiman–especially the Sandman Series. The story centres on a young woman named Word, whose life was saved at the last split second by Death, a wonderful and strange character in her own right. Caught with Word in that last split second is X-it, a young man determined to save her. Together, and with the help of several other great characters, they struggle to survive and save the world. The dialogue and pacing keeps the reader wanting to know more, and the writing is vivid yet concise, created with a well-crafted use of words. Aside from being well written, this story also presents many ideas that are completely relevant to our world today. I highly recommend Split Second Solution to anyone who loves a tale well told that challenges the reader as it entertains. A great read. – Kris Moger, Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed By Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) – Readers’ Favorite 

This book really draws you in from the start. You see the world that they live in and how things could change in just an instant if they are not careful. There’s a lot going on in this futuristic novel. The characters are realistic and you feel like you’re slowly uncovering who they are and the important things about them. The more you read, the more you learn and you still feel like you want to know a whole lot more. I loved this book and I would love to read the next one in the series as well. This is just the introduction to the story and it draws you in, but really leaves you wanting a whole lot more in Split Second Solution by Denny Taylor. – Samantha Dewitt (Rivera), Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed By Maria Beltran – Readers’ Favorite 

Split Second Solution is a futuristic fable and a surreal love story that is as enigmatic as it is eerily factual. Dystopian in a unique way, the novel mixes myth and science in such a way that we don’t know where myth ends and science starts or is it the other way around? Here is a couple stuck in the split second between life and death in a place where time does not really exist. Theirs is a strange love story that seems incongruous as they are hosted by the cranky old crone who is really not who we think she is. All the characters in the story are strange and mysterious, but as the plot unfolds they slowly become real, even human. A very fascinating read! – Maria Beltran, Readers’ Favorite

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