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In the past year Garn Press has gained international recognition for publishing great memoirs and nonfiction books by writers of conscience on the most pressing issues of our day. Many of the books published by Garn Press have received national and international awards. Most recently (Dec. 2016) Garn Press memoirs have been recognized by the Best Book Awards. Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, Wiley, McGraw Hill, Rowman and Littlefield, Forge Books, and hundreds of Independent Houses contributed to this outstanding competition! View the full results and award winners.

Paperback sale on Amazon (Amazon only). Purchase on Amazon, 20% off just $14.35.

(ON SALE) 5-13: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Survival by Nancy Rankie Shelton

5-13: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Survival by Nancy Rankie Shelton. 2016 USA BEST BOOK AWARDS: Honored as a “Winner” in the “Health: Death & Dying” category. Nominated for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize. Purchase on Amazon, 20% off just $14.35

Author: Nancy Rankie Shelton
$14.35 paperback ON SALE on Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-942146-35-3
Hardcover & Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Waterstones | IndieBound (local bookstores)
eBook: Amazon – Amazon Kindle discounted ebook just $2.99 with a purchase of the print book.

“Nancy Rankie Shelton has shared her personal and heart-felt perspective of being a caregiver. While every caregiver’s journey is certainly unique to them, this story can be an opportunity for readers to explore this challenging topic and hopefully inspire them to have those important, end-of-life conversations with family and friends.” – Patricia Krogh, Manager of Public Relations and Communications, Haven Hospice

“Read this book. That’s all I can say. Nancy Shelton does a phenomenal job taking the reader through this heartbreaking diagnosis and show us the power of family and love. You finish this book feeling empowered because you learn that no matter what the outcome may be, love never dies. This book stayed with me long after I finished it. I highly recommend it.” – Amazon CustomerAmazon

“The work – which reads like a diary – is open, honest and confidential. Dr. Shelton invites us to bear witness to a wide range of emotions – heartbreak, anger, frustration and, most important, her abiding love. I could not put her book down.” – Amazon CustomerAmazon

“Anyone who is living through life with a partner who is gravely ill should read this book. There is no upside to a loved one dying (other than they will no longer be in pain) but knowing others have been in your shoes could help. I would recommend this book for all readers, whether we are in the position Nancy and Jack found themselves in or not.” – Amazon CustomerAmazon

“What a touching story to read. I have lived with two family members battling cancer. One of these was a child who battled it twice and lived for many years before finally losing his battle in his 30’s. I felt myself reliving all of our family’s experiences during those years and also in the very same hospital here in Gainesville. To hear her talk about her experiences just touches the heart.” – Amazon CustomerAmazon

Paperback sale on Amazon (Amazon only). Purchase on Amazon, 20% off just $12.75.

(ON SALE) Flush: The Exaggerated Memoir of a Fourth Grade Scaredy-Cat Super-Hero by Rick Meyer

Flush: The Exaggerated Memoir of a Fourth Grade Scaredy-Cat Super-Hero by Rick Meyer. 2016 USA BEST BOOK AWARDS: Honored as a “Finalist” in the “Children’s Fiction” category. Purchase on Amazon, 20% off just $12.75

Author: Rick Meyer
$12.75 paperback ON SALE on Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-942146-39-1
Hardcover & Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Waterstones | IndieBound (local bookstores)
eBook: Amazon – Amazon Kindle discounted ebook just $2.99 with a purchase of the print book

“While reading Meyer’s Flush: The Exaggerated Memoir of a fourth Grade Scaredy-Cat Super-Hero, my mind kept drifting to Susan Patron’s 2007 award winning The Higher Power of Lucky. Flush is an excellent read that includes the authentic inclusion of young male voices; the realistic relationships between young boys; the way a reader may identify with a kid who is a loner and yet quite able to have many great hours of summer fun; and the understandable difficulty in the communication between father and son. Meyer sprinkles humor throughout the book and Ricky’s thoughts and his way of being a child were excellently portrayed. I felt close to Ricky, like I’d want to watch him out the window if I could. I wondered if I had lived on his street when I was a kid if we might have been friends. I hope so.” – Nancy Rankie Shelton, author of 5-13: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Survival

“Simultaneously heartwarming, heartbreaking and humorous, Rick Meyer takes you along on the summer adventures of a young boy as he faces all the complex challenges of growing up.” – Amazon Customer, Amazon

This book is a compelling read from start to finish. An honest and heartfelt portrayal of a boy’s summer exploring the neighborhood on his bike, coping with bullies and uncomfortable friendships – and dealing with his hard working parents. A slice of life story told with humor and realistic responses of a 10 year old boy. I enjoyed it as an adult, but I think fourth or fifth graders would love it. – Amazon Customer, Amazon

One of these books that just needed to be written. Now it has been you somehow can’t imagine the world without it! Bullying, humor, growing up, courage, sympathy and a play with language and everyday things – they’re all there, and more. In abundance, flowing into and through the reader’s mind, and life. Very highly recommended.” – Amazon Customer, Amazon

Flush is a delightful romp through childhood, and a detailed picture of what life was like growing up in the 60s. The narrator invites readers into the mind of a young boy trying to navigate his way through family, school, and neighborhood events. He’s a warm and likable kid, who trusts us with his secrets and fears, even while inviting us to laugh with and at his adventures. – Amazon Customer, Amazon


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