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First Do No Harm: Progressive Education in a Time of Existential Risk by Steve Nelson. 20% off on Amazon.

Purchase on: Amazon | 20% off just $14.35

“This is ultimately a hopeful book.  Steve spells out a vision of real education reform that we just might be ready for now. His Bill of Educational Rights, based on the best of what is known from science and theory about human development and children’s learning, should be our manifesto. All children deserve a progressive education, not just the privileged few. All children deserve an education that will enliven their lives with joy and possibility and help them contribute to the betterment of society and our planet.” – Matt Damon, Actor, Writer, Producer

“Parents, teachers and those who support better educational opportunities for all of our children should start 2017 by reading Steve Nelson’s First Do No Harm, Progressive Education in a Time of Existential Risk. At the same time, the book should be a mandatory read for our elected and appointed officials, whose understanding of the benefits of true public education is needed now, more than ever. If they truly understand where we are, where we are headed and the alternative approach that would serve our country and its children, they would use First Do No Harm as a guidebook for their policy actions.” –  Jonathan Pelto

“Steve Nelson knows full well that freedom begins between the ears.  He negotiates this space with clarity, charm and precision.  Ultimately he shows the reader how a good education is the mirror image of a proper democracy.  For too long our systems of education have shrink-wrapped our imaginations.  Nelson successfully argues for a new way of thinking.” – Colum McCann, Author of Let the World Spin and National Book Award winner

A Parent’s Guide to Public Education in the 21st Century by Russ Walsh. 20% off on Amazon.

Purchase on: Amazon | 20% off just $15.95

“When a parent walks their kindergartener through a schoolhouse door for the first time, their heart goes with them. They want to feel secure that they are entrusting their child to a learning environment in which they will thrive. That is why Russ Walsh’s Parent’s Guide is a must read for any parent who is trying to make the best educational decision for their children.” – Carol Corbett Burris, Executive Director, Network for Public Education

“Russ Walsh is a knowledgeable, insightful critic of the dogmatic school reformers who are driving American education back toward the 19th century instead of ahead into the 21st. His analyses are on par with those of Diane Ravitch, David Berliner, Yong Zhao.” – Dr. Don Ambrose, Editor, Roeper Review

“A clear, concise parent’s guide to school in the age of education reform. In a discussion that has been characterized by a great deal of heat, Russ Walsh sheds some light and cuts through the fog of propaganda and PR.” – Peter Greene, Author, Curmudgucation: What Fresh Hell, and Curmudgucation

“Russ Walsh’s new book is a distillation of years of experience and wisdom from an actual expert in the field. This is essential reading for any parent, teacher, school board member, administrator or anyone who cares about the U.S. education system.” – Steven Singer, Author and Educator

The Educator And The Oligarch: A Teacher Challenges The Gates Foundation

The Educator And The Oligarch: A Teacher Challenges The Gates Foundation by Anthony Cody. 20% off on Amazon.

Purchase on Amazon | 20% off just $14.35

Winner of the 2015 George Orwell Award, given by the NCTE Public Language Awards Committee of the National Council of Teachers of English. – NCTE, National Council of Teachers of English

“A powerful and important book by one of the most courageous advocates for sanity and simple justice in our public schools.” – Jonathan Kozol, Author

“This book is a record of Anthony Cody’s valiant struggle to force the nation’s most powerful foundation and richest person to listen to the voice of an experienced teacher.” – Diane Ravitch, Author

“Anthony Cody’s book is a timely and concise reminder of just how much of a spoiled man’s playground American public education has become to Gates and his profound net worth.” – Mercedes Schneider, Public School Teacher, Education Activist

What’s Whole In Whole Language in the 21st Century? by Ken Goodman. 20% off on Amazon.

Purchase on: Amazon | 20% off just $19.95

“I think the essence of his work is the ethical and the moral dimensions.” – Jerome Harste

“My admiration is for his political acumen. Education does not just take place in classrooms. It is a political situation.” – Frank Smith

“In the American phrase that I’ve learned to love, ‘we need to wise up’. This book helps us do just that.”- Michael Rosen

“I have found that with Ken it is about making learning to read barrier free.” – Brian Cambourne

Beware the Roadbuilders: Literature as Resistance, by P.L. Thomas. 20% off on Amazon.

Purchase on Amazon | 20% off just 19.95

“The conscience of American education. He is our North Star.” – Diane Ravitch

“Thomas uses this wonderfully written book to engage readers with these ideas and to further the much-needed conversation concerning education policy.” – Kevin Welner

“The master of the pithy, pointed essay, and this collection should provoke readers to think hard about educational issues that matter.” – Peter Smagorinsky

“P.L. Thomas reveals the intersections among oppression, education, and literature.” – Julie Gorlewski

Raising Peacemakers, by Esther Sokolov Fine. 20% off on Amazon.

Purchase on Amazon | 20% off just $14.35

Raising Peacemakers shows that an authentic approach to managing child-to-child conflicts, learned in kindergarten, stayed with young children as they grew into adolescence and adulthood. It demonstrates by contrary example the profound error of standardized programs-in-a-box for “conflict resolution” and, by implication, much else in education.” – Carole Edelsky

“Esther Fine’s stories let readers learn how “doing peace” made and sustained lasting, positive changes in students’ lives.” – Patrick Willard Shannon

Raising Peacemakers is so much more than a well-designed blueprint for creating an alternative dispute resolution system in public schools. It is a deeply felt, albeit subtle, argument for the need throughout society for similar methods to resolve the disputes that separate and divide. Entertainingly written, “Raising Peacemakers” should be read by anyone who deals with disagreements, whether between children, between adults or between entire nations. There is much to be learned from the directness and simplicity of children. – Amazon Customer

Preparing the Nation’s Teachers to Teach Reading: A Manifesto in Defense of “Teacher Educators Like Me”, by Curt Dudley-Marling. 20% off on Amazon.

Purchase on Amazon | 20% off just $15.95

“This manifesto comes not a moment too soon. Curt Dudley-Marling offers a spirited defense of teacher educators rooted in the reasons they choose to teach. Those in the trenches will greatly appreciate the fresh ammunition he provides.” – Anthony Cody, Author of The Educator and Oligarch

“This book should be required reading for everyone preparing to teach children to read, everyone currently teaching children to read, everyone who knows a child who is being taught to read, and everyone who makes policy about teaching children to read.” – Carole Edelsky, Arizona State University

Nineteen Clues: Great Transformations Can Be Achieved Through Collective Action, by Denny Taylor. 20% off on Amazon.

Purchase on Amazon | 20% off just $7.95

“Denny Taylor shows us that inequality is bad for the planet. She makes connections and offers resources to help us all use Actionable Knowledge for equity and to make Earth a habitable place for our children and their children and theirs. Besides providing root information on the harm, Taylor offers routes we can and must take to safety.” – Amazon Customer, Amazon

“Taylor’s 19 Clues is a brilliantly written eye opener, full of the details we push to the back burner in order to maintain our hectic lives. This powerful work is chock-full of links to important resources and is a must read for anyone concerned about the future of their children.”- Amazon Customer, Amazon

Negotiating a Permeable Curriculum

Negotiating a Permeable Curriculum: On Literacy, Diversity, and the Interplay of Children’s and Teachers’ Worlds. 20% off on Amazon.

Purchase on: Amazon | 20% off just $11.95

“This was a lively and engaging book. Ann Haas Dyson is an eminent scholar in terms of writing research and the book brings her work to life. There are three main parts to the book; an introduction by Bobbie Kabuto, a paper with the same title of the book by Dyson, and an interview.” – Amazon Customer

“An Immensely challenging and timeless read, for all educators ( is that not everyone?)” – Ruth Finnegan, author of Black Inked Pearl


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