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Author: Denny Taylor
Garn Press (120 pp.)
$7.95 paperback, $4.95 e-book SALE 50% OFF
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ISBN: 978-1-942146-48-3
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Print and eBook 50% off on Amazon.

Nineteen Clues: Great Transformations Can Be Achieved Through Collective Action

The Doomsday Clock has been moved closer to midnight because of Donald Trump, and in the European Parliament the U.S. President has been called an existential threat. There is global unease that a white nationalist opportunist has become a member of the Principals Circle of the National Security Council, and in America opposition to Trump’s presidency is growing both in the general population and inside the government. At stake in the U.S. are: environmental protection, labor laws, civil rights, public education, health and human services, and a myriad of other essential elements of the infrastructure of a democratic society. 

And so, in this time of increased existential risks caused by Donald Trump’s ascendancy, at Garn Press we ask again: What can be done to sustain the planet for future generations? How can we lessen the impact of changing planetary pressures; prepare for life in extreme political, social and ecological environments; reduce the risk of disaster, and adapt? What can we do to overcome the barriers to action in response to the political threats to society? These threats include: the lack of strong democratic leadership; the ratings driven media; and, the unwillingness of democratic politicians to act? What would it take to make Earth a child safe zone? 

What would it take to make Earth a child safe zone? Nineteen Clues: Great Transformations Can be Achieved through Collective Action makes the case that there are two threats to our children that impact every aspect of their present and future lives. The first threat to our children is the hostile take over the US public education system. Noam Chomsky calls it, “the campaign to destroy those parts of the education system that enrich the lives of students, that interfere with indoctrination, with control, with imposing passivity and obedience.” While Diane Ravitch writes, “Never have public schools been as subject to upheaval, assault, and chaos as they are today.” Across America parents and teachers are organizing in response to this dangerous threat to children, to democracy, and to the future of US society.

Nineteen Clues traces the emergence of a powerful and dynamic children’s civil rights movement, including the establishment of organizations such as United Opt-Out, BadAss Teachers, and Save Our Schools. The second threat to our children is the great acceleration in the changes taking place to the planet. “Humanity is standing at a moment in history when a Great Transformation is needed to respond to the immense threat to the Earth,” a group of Nobel Laureates writes in their summary of the 2007 Potsdam Memorandum on Global Sustainability. “We live on a human-dominated planet, putting unprecedented pressure on the systems on Earth,” Johan Rockström said in his 2010 presentation. “The planetary risks we’re facing are so large, that business as usual is not an option. In fact, we’re in a phase where transformative change is necessary, which opens the window for innovation, for new ideas and new paradigms.” “Society is taking substantial risks by delaying urgent and large-scale action,” Lidia Brito and Mark Stafford Smith write in The State of the Planet Declaration, which was the consensus of more than 3,000 scientists at the 2012 Planet Under Pressure Conference. “We must show leadership at all levels. We must all play our parts. We urge the world to grasp this moment and make history.” Garn Press was founded so we can play our part, and Nineteen Clues takes up this challenge. It makes the case that what is good for our children is good for the planet, and that these are not separate struggles.

The arguments presented in Nineteen Clues have been many years in the making, presented at national and international conferences, and critiqued in peer-review. Nineteen Clues unites the struggles of scientists, teachers and parents. It salutes their tenacity and grit, as well as the brilliance of their arguments and their endurance. It is written in the belief that this is a moment in history when we must unite in the struggle to make Earth a child safe zone, knowing that people can succeed when governments fail.

The politically motivated media campaign to inspire and provoke the public to question climate change has been devastatingly effective. Bull is back with his “climate change skeptics are an assortment of cussed old men, mostly without relevant scientific training”. They are also dangerous and destructive. Don’t be taken in. Here are the 19 Clues, great transformations can be achieved through collective action.

The Clues from Nineteen Clues: Great Transformations Can Be Achieved Through Collective Action

FIRST CLUE: People are changing the planet and the planet is changing people.

SECOND CLUE: The first step to American participation in saving the world is the recognition of the legitimacy of global concerns about U.S. overconsumption of the Earth’s finite resources, and the negative impact it is having on the planet and its people.

THIRD CLUE: Extreme social inequality in the U.S. negatively impacts American society, increases the pressures on the planet, and has a cascading adverse effect on global stability and sustainability.

FOURTH CLUE: In the U.S. further economic growth will not improve the health or well-being of the American people. Greater emphasis on income equality and less emphasis on economic growth will diminish U.S. over-exploitation of planet’s irreplaceable resources.

FIFTH CLUE: Inequality in America is bad for the planet as well as for people, and increases our ethical responsibility to act.

SIXTH CLUE: While poor women and children in the U.S. are the most disadvantaged, all American women and children are disadvantaged when compared with women and children in other developed countries.

SEVENTH CLUE: The planet cannot be protected unless the rights of women and children are protected.

EIGHTH CLUE: In the U.S. the war on climate science and on the health and wellbeing of women and children is a symptom of a pathological political ideology that negatively impacts global stability and sustainability of life on the planet.

NINTH CLUE: In the U.S. the cascading effects of power brokers’ maladaptive decision making is quite literally changing the geology of the planet, the chemistry of the air we breathe, and the water we drink.

TENTH CLUE: Global action to avoid social or planetary tipping points will need to include the active participation of the U.S. in rethinking K-12 education to make schools more equitable and just, and to reconnect children with the natural world.

ELEVENTH CLUE: In teaching the young we teach ourselves, and we will come to understand that the Earth is not an infinite resource to be exploited, but a finite life force that we must care for and sustain.

TWELFTH CLUE: One in four American children lives in poverty, nearly 60 percent more than in 1974, and the number of people living in severe poverty has reached a record high. A national study in 2009 found that one in fifty children in America is homeless and living in a shelter, motel, car, shared housing, abandoned building, park or orphanage. The proportions in some school districts exceed one in ten, and the number is growing rapidly.

THIRTEENTH CLUE: The ideological doctrine of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) makes it easy to understand how the great wealth and vast power of the private sector is undermining not only the U.S. -12 public school system, but is also undermining the U.S. response to climate change.

FOURTEENTH CLUE: Equitable public education should be an inalienable right of every child that policy makers must protect. It is their responsibility not to sell children to private corporations that force children to become captive consumers of products that damage their minds and increase their levels of anxiety.

FIFTEENTH CLUE: The problem is that no one in Washington is listening.

SIXTEENTH CLUE: At no time in the future will U.S. political, corporate or financial decision makers, Democrats, Republicans, or Plutocrats, be able to deny knowledge of the anthropogenic changes that are taking place, or to cover up the fact that for power, privilege, and profit they did nothing about it.

SEVENTEENTH CLUE: There are signs of hope within U.S. society. There are many groups of people working together and acting as our guides in re-Earthing. One site of resistance is K-12 schools. Even though the pressures are great, teachers, principals and parents are organizing, establishing websites, arranging meetings, holding rallies, signing petitions, opting out of testing, and sending unopened boxes of tests back to Pearson.

EIGHTEENTH CLUE: The key components in the struggle for social and environmental sustainability identified by the delegates at the Planet Under Pressure global conversation were: (1) the active engagement of people; (2) the participation of diverse social groups working together; (3) a focus on human well being; (4) the development of political will; and (5) ethical and principled global agreements.

NINETEENTH CLUE: The brute power of ideology and great wealth is used to distort and discredit science, but it cannot change the scientific evidence and is no match for the courage and endurance of scientists who stand their ground or for the people who support them.

Nineteen Clues – Print and eBook 50% off on Amazon

Author: Denny Taylor
Garn Press (120 pp.)
$7.95 paperback, $4.95 e-book SALE 50% OFF
eBook available for $2.99 through Kindle Matchbook and free through Kindle Unlimited.
ISBN: 978-1-942146-48-3
Paperback & Hardcover Available: AmazonIndieBound (local bookstore)
eBook Available: Amazon


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