Climate Reality Leaders Spotlight – Video Playlist

The cold hard truth is while the U.S. Congress is still in denial about climate change, worldwide there is no doubt in the scientific community who are warning of imminent social as well as environmental catastrophes caused by climate change. So where does the public — parents, teachers — who care about the children who will be most affected by climate change find the information they need to voice their concerns and plan civil actions?

If we are to save our kids from a bumpy ride in the 21st century it will take every last one of us working together, sharing insights, imagining ourselves differently, as we re-establish the connections  — the systemic relationships — between people and the planet. In this series of videos Climate Reality shines a light on the scientists who are engaged in climate change research. 

Video Playlist (12 Videos in Playlist)

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These video presentations provide us with an opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the rapid changes that are taking to the planet. The videos also provide us with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the dangerous and potentially deadly position of climate change denial espoused by so many Senators and Members of the House of Representatives.

Useful Starter Resources

  1. Climate Science Legal Defense Fund: The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF) works to defend climate scientists who are dragged into litigation or otherwise threatened with legal attacks and harassment by politically and ideologically motivated groups.
  2. NextGen Climate works politically to prevent climate disaster.
  3. Our Children’s Trust: Our Children’s Trust elevates the voice of youth to secure the legal right to a stable climate and healthy atmosphere for the benefit of all present and future generations.


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