FORTHCOMING BOOK RELEASES: Garn Press Books – February 2017

We’re pleased to announce a few of our upcoming winter releases. Garn Press values imagination, creativity, originality, and innovation. At Garn we wish you great books and great reading experiences. Remain brave, be fearless, and don’t forget to have fun in these most challenging of times. Get the latest news on Garn authors and books. Visit Garn Press News.

Trumplandia: Unmasking Post-Truth America

In unprecedented times when American values are at stake NCTE George Orwell award winning author P.L. Thomas provides a moral compass for so many people who expected the first woman to become President of the United States. Thomas argues that this assumption grossly underestimated the rise of Donald Trump, which was an inevitable culmination of who the U.S. truly is as a people. In a series of brilliantly written essays Trumplandia examines how a reality TV star as president represents post-truth America as a failed democracy and as a country still deeply poisoned by racism, classism, sexism, and xenophobia. Running throughout as well is an implicit question: How can we resist Trumplandia and truly become a ​democracy?


Teaching without Testing: Assessing the Complexity of Children’s Literacy Learning

Teaching without Testing: Assessing the Complexity of Children’s Literacy Learning by Denny Taylor, edited by Bobbie Kabuto, is the second book in the Garn Press’ Women Scholars Series. This book revisits Taylor’s seminal and influential work based on her Biographic Literacy Profiles Project. Teaching without Testing: Assessing the Complexity of Children’s Literacy Learning is a timely book that challenges the scientific assumptions of standardized testing in developing effective instruction to meet the literate lives of all students.  Through detailed observations of student learning, Taylor encourages readers to consider alternative ways of assessing children’s reading and writing based on observable literacy behaviors. Supporting a humanistic perspective to the education of children, Taylor argues that standardized and diagnostic methods of assessment and teaching, based on test-driven, cooperate-led accountability practices, have detrimental affects on children and result in the de-professionalization of teachers.


The Children of Sandy Hook vs. the U.S. Congress and Gun Violence in America

This book, The Children of Sandy Hook vs. the US Congress is a provocative analysis of the vast gap between the American people who are intent on protecting children and the people who are intent on protecting guns whatever the cost to U.S. society. The book is about the ethical failure of the pro-gun Senators who deceived the American people with the arguments they presented that led to the failure of the Assault Weapon Ban bill in 2013. Documentation is presented to support the contention that when the Senators’ theoretical arguments are juxtaposed with the real life accounts of the Sandy Hook Massacre their deceptive language strategies for defeating the Assault Weapon Ban bill are exposed.


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