FREE EBOOK! Ken Goodman – The 1992-1993 Interviews of Renowned Reading Scholars – From What’s Whole in Whole Language in the 21st Century? by Ken Goodman

What’s Whole in Whole Language in the 21st Century? includes a new introduction by Ken Goodman, commentary by Michael Rosen, and excerpts from a series of never published interviews conducted in 1992-1993 by Denny Taylor of renowned reading scholars who knew Ken and Yetta Goodman, and who spoke freely about their lives together as well as their research and teaching.

Included in this FREE Garn Press eBook, the insights of these scholars, who include Frank Smith and Jeanne Chall, are profound. They shift the political discourse of reading research and teaching young children to read. Ousting the propaganda, they shed light on what really happened to progressive educators and whole language teachers at the end of the 20th century.

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This free Garn Press ebook includes the 1992-1993 interviews of the following renowned reading scholars:

  • Ken and Yetta Goodman
  • Harold and Betty Rosen
  • Frank Smith
  • Denny Taylor
  • Brian Cambourne
  • Jeanne Chall
  • Richard Anderson
  • Carolyn Burke
  • Dorothy Menosky
  • Dorothy Watson
  • Rudine Sims Bishop
  • Ira Aaron
  • Richard Hodges
  • Robert Shafer
  • S. Jay Samuels
  • P. David Pearson
  • Roger Shuy
  • Jerome Harste
  • Angela Jaggar
  • Barbara Flores
  • Bess Altwerger

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What's Whole in Whole Language in the 21st Century?

What’s Whole in Whole Language in the 21st Century?

By Ken Goodman
Paperback: $19.95 USD Amazon | Barnes & Noble
eBook: $9.99  – Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple
Print ISBN: 978-1-942146-04-9
eBook ISBN: 978-1-942146-05-6
Genre: Nonfiction
Category: Education Policy & Reform; Education & Teaching

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