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Playhouse: Optimistic Stories Of Real Hope For Families With Little Children by Monica Taylor

“Fantastic read for parents and teachers alike. Monica Taylor beautifully illustrates what children need, what parents want, and what teachers need to do to create spaces in which young children can thrive and develop into thoughtful, confident, compassionate, and creative human beings.” – View all books

Teaching Without Testing: Assessing the Complexity of Children’s Literacy Learning by Denny Taylor (Author), Bobbie Kabuto (Editor)

“This book describes how teachers can document and support children’s learning through anecdotal notes and biographic profiles. A brilliant work that helps teachers to observe learners closely and to interpret children’s work in terms of the understandings and proficiencies they are developing about language and literacy.” – View all books

Preparing the Nation’s Teachers to Teach Reading: A Manifesto in Defense of “Teacher Educators Like Me” by Curt Dudley-Marling

“Dudley-Marling has done the research to refute the remarkably shallow work the National Council on Teacher Quality has published. This highly readable book makes it clear that NCTQ is pursuing an ideological agenda hostile to teacher education, and friendly to the test-driven reforms of the the past decade. Educators and students of ed policy will find this a useful read.” – View all books 

First Do No Harm: Progressive Education In A Time Of Existential Risk by Steve Nelson

“This is ultimately a hopeful book.  Steve spells out a vision of real education reform that we just might be ready for now. His Bill of Educational Rights, based on the best of what is known from science and theory about human development and children’s learning, should be our manifesto.” – View all books

Raising Peacemakers by Esther Sokolov Fine

Raising Peacemakers is so much more than a well-designed blueprint for creating an alternative dispute resolution system in public schools. It is a deeply felt, albeit subtle, argument for the need throughout society for similar methods to resolve the disputes that separate and divide. Entertainingly written, Raising Peacemakers should be read by anyone who deals with disagreements, whether between children, between adults or between entire nations. There is much to be learned from the directness and simplicity of children.” – View all books

Negotiating a Permeable Curriculum: On Literacy, Diversity, and the Interplay of Children’s and Teachers’ Worlds by Anne Haas Dyson (Author), Bobbie Kabuto (Editor)

“This was a lively and engaging book. Ann Haas Dyson is an eminent scholar in terms of writing research and the book brings her work to life.  This is an essential, very engaging book for both teachers and researchers who are interested in writing instruction, learning, and development. It also would be a great resource for graduate students interested in learning about the research of Ann Haas Dyson.” – View all books

A Parent’s Guide to Public Education in the 21st Century: Navigating Education Reform to Get the Best Education for My Child by Russ Walsh

“I’m a parent and public school advocate. So many parents have sense that something is not quite right, but can’t or haven’t really delved into why things just feel so “off”. Russ Walsh does a fantastic job of breaking down the issues in a clear and concise way. His citations give the reader a road map of where and how to look for information. A must read for anyone concerned about the current education “reform” movement.” – View all books

The Educator And The Oligarch: A Teacher Challenges The Gates Foundation by Anthony Cody

“This book is a record of Anthony Cody’s valiant struggle to force the nation’s most powerful foundation and richest person to listen to the voice of an experienced teacher. Winner of the 2015 George Orwell Award, given by the NCTE Public Language Awards Committee of the National Council of Teachers of English.” – View all books

Beware the Roadbuilders: Literature as Resistance by  P.L. Thomas

“This amazing journey takes you through all kinds of literary genres (sci fi, zombies, history, autobiography, superheroes) with a deeply thoughtful analysis of the social justice implications in these very different works. Paul Thomas shares his own life journey as well as his passionate concern for the education and well-being of marginalized people.” – View all books

What’s Whole In Whole Language In The 21st Century? by Ken Goodman

“In addition to new introductions from Michael Rosen, Ken Goodman, Denny Taylor, Bess Altwerger and Rick Meyer, this expanded edition from Garn Press includes 20 exclusive interviews with renowned reading scholars who share their thoughts about the research and teaching of Ken and Yetta Goodman. This classic is as relevant for educators now as it was when first published.” – View all books

Save Our Children, Save Our School, Pearson Broke The Golden Rule: A Satire by Denny Taylor

“Author, publisher, teacher, scholar and activist Denny Taylor hits the nail on the head with this tragic-comedic tale of the monstrous systems of colonialism, patriarchy and oligarchy dominating education reform. In a historical moment when reality is more absurd than fiction (and indeed more frightening) Taylor’s use of satire seems quite fitting.” – View all books

Great Women Scholars: Yetta Goodman, Maxine Greene, Louise Rosenblatt, Margaret Meek Spencer

“The lives and work of Yetta Goodman, Maxine Greene, Louise Rosenblatt, and Margaret Meek Spencer inspire and encourage in us the resolution to participate in society in a time of distrust and disenchantment. They are women scholars of moral and intellectual conviction who lift us up and stand beside us as we struggle for equity and justice for all.” – View all books

Nineteen Clues: Great Transformations Can Be Achieved Through Collective Action by Denny Taylor

“Denny Taylor shows us that inequality is bad for the planet. She makes connections and offers resources to help us all use Actionable Knowledge for equity and to make Earth a habitable place for our children and their children and theirs. Besides providing root information on the harm, Taylor offers routes we can and must take to safety.” – View all books

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