GARN PRESS ILLUSTRATOR: Rachel Backshall, Illustrator of Toodle-oo Ruby Blue!

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Book: Toodle-oo Ruby Blue!
Garn Press (36 pp.)
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-942146-61-2 | Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-942146-62-9
Paperback: $12.95 | Hardcover $18.95 (coming soon, July  11, 2017)
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About Rachel Backshall

Rachel Backshall, BA Oxon, is a UK artist and illustrator recently graduated from Oxford University. She has exhibited her highly acclaimed silk paintings in London, Oxford and Liverpool – many of which are inspired by her research into specific archaeological sites during her degree.

Her illustrations are inspired by the natural world and focus in particular on the wild and wonderful animals that appear both in reality, and in children’s imaginations. She is particularly interested in the concept of imaginative play, looking at the way children visualize and develop games and stories. Acknowledging that human imagination plays such a vital part to all stages of our lives, Rachel hopes to capture some of these moments within her illustrations, and in particular to relate to the magical way that children bring their toys and games to life.

Rachel has recently illustrated the prize winning Pearl of the Seas and Kris and Kate Build a BoatThe Magical Adventure for Garn Press author Ruth Finnegan, and has since been honored to work with Denny Taylor on Toodle-oo Ruby Blue as part of the Ruby Blue Series. She is currently working with both authors on future projects.

Connect with Rachel

Instagram @rachelbackshallsilkartist

Featured Illustrations from the Book: Toodle-oo Ruby Blue!

About the Book: Toodle-oo Ruby Blue!

Toodle-oo is a touching story about two little girls – Ruby Blue and Lilly Wu – saying goodbye to each other.

Part poem, part song – the words rhyme as Ruby Blue and Lilly Wu remember playing together:

Toodle-oo Ruby Blue!

I had fun playing with you.

I was really worried when I saw your tiger –

But it was very funny when you tried to hide her!

In the vibrant illustrations the tiger is a small soft toy that grows to be a larger than life real tiger, which almost leaps from the page in Rachel Backshall’s brilliant illustrations.

Destined to be a beloved classic, Toodle-oo is highly predictable and easy to read. Both children and adults already love it.


Nominated “Most Distinguished American Picture Book for Children” – 2018 Randolph Caldecott Medal 

Nominated “Most Distinguished Contribution to American Literature for Children” – 2018 John Newbery Medal

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