GARN PRESS WORLD NEWS: Week in Review – February 27 – March 5, 2017

Garn Press values primary sources and seeks out original accounts to report, share, and annotate with Garn Press readers. At Garn we search for video and news and events that connect people and the planet and encourage social action — especially primary source video and news items that address the grand challenges in the peaceful struggle for economic, racial and gender equality.

Beyond Grades Part Four: “How Are We Doing?” by Garn Press Author Russ Walsh

In previous posts I have argued that we need to move away from grades as a method of assessment because grades are a poor way to provide feedback to students and also a poor way to provide feedback to parents. In this last in the series on grades, I will argue that grades are also a particularly poor way to provide feedback to schools.  Read part four and download the entire series as a FREE Garn Press ebook.


VIDEO: The Colossal Responsibility of Today’s Generation: Talking with Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is convinced (and he is convincing) that the situation is dire. But he is also sure that there is much we can do to change the future now. The resistance and protest movements that are sweeping Democrats and also taking place around the world are a hopeful sign that, while the governing elites are consumed by self-interest, the people do have the power to change the future now. Watch video.


VIDEO: Senator Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye Discuss Climate Change – What Trump Left Out of His Inaugural Speech to Congress

Climate change has become an existential risk and President Trump did not mention it in his inaugural address to Congress. Perhaps the Koch Brothers have something to do with that. But while Trump is recalcitrant and willfully refuses to address the impact of climate change on human societies Bernie Sanders and Bill Nigh have done it for him and presented the case for a response to climate change being good for the economy and creating jobs that could make a long lasting difference to the workers in the fossil fuel industries who are losing their jobs. Watch video.


A View of the Long Game: Where Art Thou Public Education? By Morna McDermott

The privatizers are busy at work. Unless you live under a rock (a tempting thought lately…) you probably feel like I do every time you turn on the news; the sensation of riding the Tilt a Whirl while taking ‘shrooms. It’s exhausting at best, and terrifying at worst; trying to untangle what is happening around us. Take Devos and her anti-Grizzly platform as the prime example of current insanity. Read feature.


VIDEO: Imagination and the Human Spirit – Eight Artists – Advice to the Young

For Garn Press, science, literature, art, and philosophy are not separate categories. They are intricately connected, and through these connections it is possible for us to get a larger sense of life, with a clarity of vision that would not be possible otherwise. Watch eight artists share insightful advice to young artists. Watch Video.


March for Science Satellite Marches Announced – Earth Day April 22, 2017 – 324 Satellite Marches and Growing

We all know that this century is a defining moment for humanity. Part of Garn’s mission is to support scientists and educators of conscience whose work is ignored or denigrated by political decisions makers, corporate self-interests, and the mainstream media. The March for Science current registers 321 satellite marches.. From London to Sydney to New York City, join the March for Science. Learn more.


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