GARN VIDEO INTERVIEW SERIES: Video Interview Playlist (12 videos) from your Favorite Garn Authors

We have great video productions – interviews, readings, and live events – planned for  2017 and a video great archive. We’ve compiled a list of past interviews with Garn authors over the last several months. Watch Garn Press videos in celebration of the remarkable books by Garn Press thought leaders, activists, original thinkers and writers of conscience who inspire people to act. Visit Garn Press News for the latest book news and author updates.

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At Garn we are convinced that all those who work for the common good in the caring professions must be supported. We’re actively supporting writers of conscience who offer original research based perspectives on the most pressing issues of our day including: climate change, inequality, privatization of public education, children with special needs, gun violence, and many other critical factors jeopardizing social, economic, and environmental sustainability. In addition to books Garn press is publishing articles and commentaries by many renowned educators, artists, and scientists. But at Garn we do not consider this enough. We’re also committed to nurturing the imagination and human spirit by publishing great novels. Garn’s award winning novelists share this ideal, and all the fiction books published by Garn – whether mysteries, fantasies, or historical novels — are written not only to entertain, but also to raise serious questions about time, memory and whether what we see – in life as well as in the mirror – is what is really what is occurring.

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Support Garn Press on Patreon. Ethics matter to us. Garn is free of advertisements and has no corporate sponsors or government funding. We are asking for your support. The staff works as a collaborative without remuneration, as does Garn’s prestigious advisory board. At Garn we want the public to have the best possible opportunity to participate in decisions about the planet and their kids — to have the confidence of knowing what’s happening and a chance to respond to the rapid changes that are taking place. Become a Patreon supporter. Join us and donate today!


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