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Paperback books on sale on Amazon.

Split Second Solution – 20% off on Amazon – $14.35

Purchase Split Second Solution paperback on sale on Amazon 20% off just $14.35 (Amazon only).

Book: Split Second Solution (244 pp.)
Author: Denny Taylor
ISBN: 978-1942146452
Hardcover: $27.95
Paperback $14.35 (Amazon sale)
Hardcover and Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound (local bookstore)
e-book $9.99 | $2.99 under Kindle Matchbook Program | Free under Kindle Unlimited Lending
eBook Available: Amazon


Split Second Solution is simply brilliant. It is fantastic, seemingly far-fetched and, at first glance, so imaginative as to be merely entertaining. – Steve Nelson, author of First, Do No Harm: Progressive Education in a Time of Existential Risk

“Split Second Solution is also flat-out good entertainment. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well-written story laden with meaning and populated with people you can’t help but appreciate. Carolyn Walker, author of Every Least Sparrow.

Split Second Solution is about survival, a call for youth to respond to the deadly conflicts occurring within political arenas … Profoundly allegorical and woven with allusions, the conversations and encounters of the characters go beyond “genre tradition” – challenging perceptions of race, gender and love. – Josefa Pace, author of Finding Patterns

Denny Taylor’s futuristic urban fantasy, Split Second Solution, supposes a very different world, albeit less than a decade away, but one that’s all too frighteningly plausible considering today’s culture … Split Second Solutionchallenges your imagination and makes you see the world and its potential in an entirely different light. – Jack Magnus, Readers Favorite

Split Second Solution reminds me of the works of Neil Gaiman– especially the Sandman Series. Denny Taylor has created a unique love story filled with mystery, science, and myth … I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves a tale well told that challenges the reader as it entertains. – Kris Moger, Readers Favorite

There’s a lot going on in the futuristic novel Split Second Solution … The more you read, the more you learn, and you still feel like you want to know a whole lot more. I loved this book and I would love to read the next one in the series as well. – Samantha Dewitt (Rivera), Readers Favorite


You’re Not Dead: The Midnight Books Volume One – 20% off on Amazon – $14.35

Purchase You’re Not Dead paperback on sale on Amazon 20% off just $14.35 (Amazon only).

Book: You’re Not Dead: The Midnight Books Volume One (340 pp.)
Author: Geoff Ward
ISBN: 978-1942146292
Hardcover: $27.95
Paperback $14.35 (Amazon sale)
Hardcover and Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound (local bookstore)
e-book $9.99 | $2.99 under Kindle Matchbook Program | Free under Kindle Unlimited Lending
eBook Available: Amazon


“Geoff Ward’s glitteringly funny and scary novel sends his hero Miles on a wild pursuit, through this world and the next … Like the object of his obsessive quest, You’re Not Dead is both supreme fiction and grail, a one-off exemplar of a lost original.” John Ashbery, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, the National Book Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award

“Fantastic! This is a fabulous blues/noir novel! The author clearly went to midnight crossroads returning with a crazily brilliant mix of magic, blues, bibliomania and noir fiction. As if Robert Leroy Johnson and Thomas de Quincey have collaborated on a heady and savage twenty-first century transatlantic campus novel.” – Amazon Customer Review, Amazon

“This is better than Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and up there with Christopher Priest’s The Prestige. Like an occult On the Road, Ward takes us across America in a hocus-pocus-revelry of history, time, music and fantasy. Looking forward to the rest of the series.” – Amazon Customer Review, Amazon

“I love Miles the ‘hero’ and felt I was there in the story. All my favorite things – a crime story, travelogue and jazz references (oh and a hint of a grown up’s Harry Potter)! Can’t wait for next two in the trilogy and anything else that might be to come from this author.” – Amazon Customer Review, Amazon


Black Inked Pearl

Black Inked Pearl: A Girl’s Quest – 20% off on Amazon – $14.35

Purchase Black Inked Pearl: A Girl’s Quest on Amazon 20% off just $14.35 (Amazon only)

Book: Black Inked Pearl: A Girl’s Quest (344 pp.)
Author: Ruth Finnegan
ISBN: 978-1-942146-17-9
Hardcover: $27.95
Paperback $14.35 (Amazon sale)
Hardcover and Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound (local bookstore)
e-book $9.99
eBook Available: Amazon


“A highly unusual story filled with literary and biblical illusions and new words.”, Joyce Irene Whalley, Author ofThe Art of Calligraphy  and A History of Children’s Book Illustration, Previously Keeper, Victoria and Albert Museum London

Black Inked Pearl“Amazing! I enjoyed it tremendously; it’s light, floating, visual – I am back in Donegal of a long time ago – good …” –Dasck Eve Defin, Literature teacher, Birmingham, Author of the historical memoir Indulgence

“The book-poem-narrative is very exciting and touches my heart in many ways — poetic, personal, verbal/creative, emotional …“ – Patrick Bond, Nature poet, Lewes East Sussex

“It’s certainly a big change from Ruth’s earlier books, which I happen to admire very much. I loved the bits where the poetry is so closely linked with her childhood memories.” – Professor Paul Thompson, Oral historian, London

“I’m reading (and enjoying) The Black-Inked Pearl. Echoes of Joyce, and Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s narrative style in Sunset Song …” – Morag Grant, Scottish music researcher

“I’ve been enjoying the very evocative chapters on Donegal. I like the way it plays with language and the poetic stream of consciousness. and there’s definitely a strong sense of a teenager awakening to adulthood in all sorts of ways!” –Janet Maybin, Schools literacy specialist, The Open University

Black Inked Pearl“A lovely novel. What an extraordinary achievement, to switch from academic writing to this imaginative and exploratory fiction. I saw some of the author’s scholarly preoccupations coming through, notably the role of memory and quotation, and I loved the way Kate’s reflections are so bound up with poetry. The assemblage and juxtaposition of genres struck me as having an effect very much in keeping with African-language prose fiction, where genre boundaries are constantly breached and where long passages of oral poetry might be incorporated into a descriptive or narrative sequence. Very many very warm congratulations on pulling this off. I was fascinated to read about the starting point in a long series of dreams: the novel itself is a dream.”, Professor Karin Barber, Departments of African Studies and Anthropology, University of Birmingham, UK

“Different, fresh. I loved the stream of consciousness Joycean style. Trance-like.” – Denise Saul, Poet and fiction writer, Winner of Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice 2007, London

“Thoroughly enjoyable.” – Yvette Purdy, University Course Manager, Milton Keynes

“Gripping.” – Rachel Backshall, Classics student, University of Oxford


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