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At Garn Press all eyes are on the truly remarkable fiction books we are publishing. 20% off Garn press paperback books on Amazon. And great news for readers of Garn books. All of Garn’s Amazon Kindle eBooks are now available through Amazon’s MatchBook program. When you buy the print version – either paperback or hardcover – of any Garn book from, you can also get the Kindle version for just $2.99. Equally good news is that if you have previously purchased any Garn print book from at any time in the past, you can also now buy the Kindle version for the same $2.99.

Devil Knows: A Tale of Murder and Madness in America’s First Century by David Joseph Kolb. Paperback book, 20% Off on Amazon.

Purchase: Amazon | 20% off just $14.35

Author: David Joseph Kolb
$14.35 paperback ON SALE on Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-942146-22-3
Hardcover & Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound (local bookstore)
eBook: Amazon – Amazon Kindle discounted ebook just $2.99 with a purchase of the print book.

“With relentless research, fascinating characters and a great storyteller’s imagination, David Kolb unravels a lingering mystery from the historical horror known as the Salem witch trials.” – Clarence PagePulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist for the Chicago Tribune

“Award-winning journalist David Kolb has created an interwoven tale of the earliest days of American history. Religious differences and philosophies, witches, battles and conspiracies against the Native American people all lead to an intriguing tale. In this well-researched story he shows how the earliest inhabitants of New England fought, conspired, loved and lived in the New World.” John McGarry, CEO, Lakeshore (MI) Museum Center

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading DEVIL KNOWS and gained a more nuanced appreciation for the infamous events of that period. In fact, I felt knee-deep in it. The central mystery pulled me through the mess of early New England along with characters who are surprisingly understandable when viewed through their historical context.” – Amazon Customer, Amazon

“I just finished DEVIL KNOWS and it was great ! I loved the history, and I have a much clearer understanding of the cultural context of the witch trials. The novel eloquently portrays the conflict of religion and governance, religion and commerce, the Native American Tribes and the tragic arrogance of British and French colonization. Wow ! It has everything a good story needs.” – Amazon Customer, Amazon

Bloody Lane by Martin Lee and Matthew Fleury. Paperback book, 20% Off on Amazon.

Purchase: Amazon | 20% off just $14.35

Authors: Martin Lee and Matthew Fleury
$14.35 paperback ON SALE on Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-942146-25-4
Hardcover & Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound (local bookstore)
eBook: Amazon – Amazon Kindle discounted ebook just $2.99 with a purchase of the print book.

“Loved it! If you’re a Civil War buff, you won’t be able to put this book down. But even if you know nothing at all about that history, you’ll quickly be hooked by an ingenious plot and a fascinating cast of characters. Martin Lee and Matthew Fleury are natural-born story-tellers” – Krin Gabbard, Professor Emeritus, Stony Brook University

“Felix Allaben is a vividly drawn, hard-boiled character in the tradition of Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade. After a murder at historic Antietam battlefield, Detective Allaben gets pulled into a murky and dangerous world, where nothing is as it appears. Stylish, taut, complex … a bloody good read.” – Justin Martin, author of Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman and America’s First Bohemians

“An engaging and well-plotted mystery surrounding the battlefield at Antietam and the long term impact of the Civil War on this country’s political and social evolution. This book has something to offer both crime novel enthusiasts and history buffs alike, providing interesting characters, an evocative setting, and well-crafted storytelling. I’m hoping for a lengthy series and more adventures with Felix.” – Amazon Customer, Amazon

“A real page-turner, beautifully written. A clever plot with a final twist that fits seamlessly into the story line. In addition to the thrill of an excellently crafted detective story the reader gets the bonus of a serious lesson in Civil War history, impeccably researched. Not to be missed.” Amazon Customer, Amazon

Split Second Solution by Denny Taylor. Paperback book, 20% Off on Amazon.

Purchase on Amazon | 20% off just $14.35

Author: Denny Taylor
$14.35 paperback ON SALE on Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-942146-45-2
Hardcover and Paperback:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound (local bookstore)
eBook: Amazon – Amazon Kindle discounted ebook just $2.99 with a purchase of the print book.

“Split Second Solution reminds me of the works of Neil Gaiman– especially the Sandman Series. Denny Taylor has created a unique love story filled with mystery, science, and myth … I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves a tale well told that challenges the reader as it entertains.” – Kris Moger, Readers Favorite

“Split Second Solution is about survival, a call for youth to respond to the deadly conflicts occurring within political arenas … Profoundly allegorical and woven with allusions, the conversations and encounters of the characters go beyond “genre tradition” – challenging perceptions of race, gender and love.” Josefa Pace, Sonoma State University

“Denny Taylor’s futuristic urban fantasy, Split Second Solution, supposes a very different world, albeit less than a decade away, but one that’s all too frighteningly plausible considering today’s culture … Split Second Solutionchallenges your imagination and makes you see the world and its potential in an entirely different light.” – Jack Magnus, Readers Favorite

You’re Not Dead: The Midnight Books Volume One by Geoff Ward. Paperback book, 20% Off on Amazon.

Purchase on Amazon | 20% off just $14.35

Author: Geoff Ward
$14.35 paperback ON SALE on Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-942146-29-2
Hardcover and Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Waterstones | IndieBound (local bookstore)
Kindle: Amazon – Amazon Kindle discounted ebook just $2.99 with a purchase of the print book.

“Geoff Ward’s glitteringly funny and scary novel sends his hero Miles on a wild pursuit, through this world and the next … Like the object of his obsessive quest,You’re Not Dead is both supreme fiction and grail, a one-off exemplar of a lost original.” – John Ashbery, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, the National Book Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award

“Fantastic! The author clearly went to midnight crossroads returning with a crazily brilliant mix of magic, blues, bibliomania and noir fiction. As if Robert Leroy Johnson and Thomas de Quincey have collaborated on a heady and savage twenty-first century transatlantic campus novel.” – Amazon Review, Amazon

“This is better than Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and up there with Christopher Priest’s The Prestige. Like an occult On the Road, Ward takes us across America in a hocus-pocus-revelry of history, time, music and fantasy. Looking forward to the rest of the series.” – Amazon Review, Amazon

Black Inked Pearl

Black Inked Pearl: A Girl’s Quest by Ruth Finnegan. Paperback book, 20% Off on Amazon.

Purchase on: Amazon | 20% off just $14.35

Author: Ruth Finnegan
$14.35 paperback ON SALE on Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-942146-17-9
Hardcover and Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Waterstones | IndieBound (local bookstore)
eBook: Amazon – Amazon Kindle discounted ebook just $2.99 with a purchase of the print book.

“I read Black-Inked Pearl with delight and surprise. It is a long, entrancing tale, often touching on the threshold of poetry.” – Itala Vivan, University of Milan, Italy

“A delightfully dreamlike, mystical tale of epic scope, spiritually and erotically charged, and rich in cultural and linguistic play, with hints of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Dante, James Joyce and poetry from the oral traditions of both Ireland and Africa. A fascinating volume.” – Mike Hanne, Founder of the Comparative Literature programme at the University of Auckland

“It all started to hang together for me and become increasingly clear as a message for me and where I am at the moment – to open myself to new areas of experience, some of which may be painful (I hope not!); the message of the book is that there is a route to be found. I welcome the contact with things beyond my normal frontiers. It has been a valuable experience reading it.” – Jim Graham, School Counsellor Southampton, England

“I’ve been enjoying the very evocative chapters on Donegal. I like the way it plays with language and the poetic stream of consciousness. and there’s definitely a strong sense of a teenager awakening to adulthood in all sorts of ways” – Janet Maybin, Schools Literacy Specialist, The Open University

The Smart One: A Grandfather’s Tale by Ken Goodman. Paperback book, 20% Off on Amazon.

Purchase on: Amazon | 20% off just $14.35

Author: Ken Goodman
$14.35 paperback ON SALE on Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-942146-10-0
Hardcover and Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound (local bookstore)
eBook: Amazon – Amazon Kindle discounted ebook just $2.99 with a purchase of the print book

The future is often foretold in stories of the past. As families flee the Debaltseve in Eastern Ukraine in 2015, Ken Goodman’s The Smart One: A Grandfather’s Tale takes us back to families fleeing persecution in Eastern Europe at the turn of the Twentieth Century. It is a compelling story of Jewish migration to America, which begins in Smorgon, now in Belarus, a former Soviet Republic, but at the time Smorgon was in Vilnius, a district of Lithuania, and a part of the Russian Empire. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout with fine line drawings by Ray Martens.

Rosie’s Umbrella by Denny Taylor. Paperback book, 20% Off on Amazon.

Purchase on: Amazon | 20% off just $14.35

Author: Denny Taylor
$14.35 paperback ON SALE on Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-942146-02-5
Hardcover & Paperback: AmazonBarnes and Noble | IndieBound (local bookstore)
eBook: Amazon – Amazon Kindle discounted ebook just $2.99 with a purchase of the print book.

“A novel with a keen understanding of the complexity of family secrets and the tensions between loving family members.” – Kirkus Review

“Rosie’s Umbrella is a gripping, page-turning, wild ride, fueled by great passion, deep humanity, and an urgent call for justice.” – James Paul Gee, Mary Lou Presidential Professor, Arizona State University

“I couldn’t put it down in spite of being so busy, a great story and characters AND what a wonderful reflection on memory and history.” – Ruth Finnegan, FBA, OBE, Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University, UK

“I’ve just finished Rosie’s Umbrella. What an amazing adventure. I’ve known only Denny Taylor’s professional writing, so was thrilled to find that she could keep me spell-bound with this gripping story. To put it mildly, it is a page-turner.” – Dorothy Watson, Professor Emerita of Education, University of Missouri

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