If The Government Still Hides the Truth About Cigarettes Why Would They Tell The Truth About Climate Change?

If the Government is still hiding the truth about the dangers of cigarette smoking why on earth would we think the Government is tell us the truth about climate change?

Yoojin Cho, who is a doctoral student in Health Promotion writes that cigarette packs in the U.S. do not tell smokers or future smokers that cigarettes contain toxic chemicals including: Benzene, Cyanide, Formaldehyde; Nitrosamines: and Radioactive Polonium. Why not? Profits! It’s all about profits for corporations.

It is a humanitarian catastrophe that in the U.S. profits are put before people. While other countries tell their citizenry the truth the U.S. government colludes with corporations to obfuscate the truth:

Here’s Yoojin Cho on pictorial warnings provided to the public by other countries:

… more than 100 countries in the world have implemented pictorial warnings, consistent with the WHO recommendations. Among the over 100 countries, Nepal, Vanuatu, India, Thailand and Australia are leading other countries in terms of the size of the warnings.

Despite these benefits – and the fact that consumers want to know more in learning about toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke – the U.S. has not introduced graphic warnings. The U.S. has also not introduced any novel warning message on harmful and potentially harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke. In fact, its four required warnings have not changed since 1984. Of those four, there’s only one message about toxic chemicals: “Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide.”

Other countries, meanwhile, are making efforts to present consumers with graphical information about toxic chemicals other than carbon monoxide. …

The point is this: If the government is still obfuscating the truth about the toxic chemicals ingested through cigarette smoking what other harmful information is the government hiding from the people?

Clearly the climate deniers in the U.S. Congress are obfuscating the truth about the rapid anthropological changes taking place. The temperature is rising, weather patterns are becoming more erratic and the environment is taking a huge hit from corporate vandalism to the planet.  Here’s a graphic that makes this case:

The takeaway is that the Government does not tell people the truth but there is still much that the people can do by not smoking and by making many small changes in the ways they live on the planet. Of course, other things have to happen too, but there is much we can do.

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