VIDEO: Neil deGrasse Tyson – A Conversation about Communicating Science

Neil deGrasse Tyson says there’s an appetite to getting closer to the frontier through the efforts of physicists – scientists – who are on that frontier. He says science is not being interpreted by journalists but by scientists themselves.

Here’s the great ending of the Tyson interview. Copy it. Share with everyone by every means available to you:

There might have been a day, for example, when Bill O’Reilly would have said the tide goes in and out and you can’t explain it and it would have gone uncontested. So the change is not that people aren’t still saying under-informed things. The change is that if you are in power and you say something under-informed there are people out there with a voice who will take you to task for having done so and at the end of the day that can only make us a stronger society – a society that is the kind of democracy you want to live in. Where people vote from an informed platform and knowing the difference between something that is their opinion ad something that is fact. The famous skeptical mantra is: you’re entitled to your own opinions but not entitled to your own facts” – and not enough people understand that distinction. I see a strong movement. So I’m optimistic that clear heads will prevail as we go forward, and as a natural consequence of being clear headed is being attracted to the fruits of science because that’s as clear headed an enterprise as ever there was.

At Garn Press this is the kind of democracy we want too – a democracy in which all people have an opportunity to be informed, a society when resistance to uninformed information is quickly rejected and the perpetrators with fake “facts” are immediately told to leave the scene.

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