“We Are All Newtown” – The PBS Independent Lens Documentary “Newtown” and the Failure of the 2013 Assault Weapon Ban Bill

Filmmaker Kim A. Snyder created the documentary Newtown, which premieres tonight, April 3, 2017 on PBS. The film weaves together intimate and emotionally raw interviews of parents, teachers, first responders and others with never-before-seen footage, and the message is “We are all Newtown.”

“Part of the reason why we have done these “We Are All Newtown” webisodes and this campaign is to let people know the conversation is changing among doctors, priests, law enforcement — all the people you see in our film.” – Kim A. Snyder

If we as a people are to regain our humanity the madness must stop. The members of the U.S. Congress who voted against the 2013 Assault Weapons Ban bill and the bills of 2016 must look at themselves and change their behavior.  They can no longer represent the gun lobby that is selling the military style guns which are being used in mass killings of American people.  They need to know that democracy breaks down when those who govern condone violence against the nation’s own children.  From the very young to the very old, people of every race and ethnic group, across class, gender, and sexual orientation, the U.S. Congress is putting the entire population at risk. The Senators and Members of the House of Representatives who voted against the 2013 and 2016 Assault Weapons bills can no longer be blinded to the consequences of their actions. They must listen to the American people and the organizations that represent them and protect the children of the United States.

Forthcoming: The Children of Sandy Hook vs. The United States Congress and Gun Violence in America (Garn Press, April 2017)

In The Children of Sandy Hook vs. The United States Congress and Gun Violence in America (Garn Press) the other side of the story is told – how Members of the U.S. Congress protect the guns that kill children but refuse to protect children from gun violence across the United States. Based on empirical evidence derived from months of discourse analysis of the 2013 Congressional Hearings, Denny Taylor definitively reveals the ethical failure of the pro-gun Senators who deceived the American people with the arguments they presented that led to the failure of the Assault Weapon Ban bill. Documentation is presented to support the contention that when the Senators’ theoretical arguments are juxtaposed with the real life  accounts of the Sandy Hook  Massacre their deceptive language strategies for defeating the Assault Weapon Ban bill are exposed.

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