VIDEO: Noam Chomsky Explains How Democracy is a Threat to Any Power System

Noam Chomsky, who is now 88 years old, began reading political pamphlets in bookshops on the Lower East Side of Manhattan when he was 14 years of age. Thus Chomsky sees history not only from the standpoint of others, but of “being there” and “being other”. He constantly reminds us of the empirical evidence of lived experience. From him we learn about people who have been dismissed, accounts of events that have been redacted, or PR rewritten. He insists that we challenge the officially sanctioned accounts of the political events that negatively position and shape us. And he constantly reminds us to question what we know and what we do not know.

Noam Chomsky joined The Nation’s John Nichols to discuss the political debates that have motivated his life’s work. A great conversation at the Tucson Festival of Books in Arizona on March 15, 2015. Chomsky and Nichols discussed topics ranging from media accountability and voter participation, to money in politics and income inequality.

Noam Chomsky is convinced (and he is convincing) that financial inequality in America – the deliberate concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a select few – has a corrosive effect on democracy. But he is also sure that there is much we can do to change the future now. The resistance and protest movements that are sweeping Democrats and also taking place around the world are a hopeful sign that, while the governing elites are consumed by self-interest, the people do have the power to change the future now.

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