NYPL PODCAST INTERVIEW: Documentarian Raoul Peck on his Documentary “I Am Not Your Negro”

From the NYPL PODCAST | Podcast #180: Raoul Peck, “I Am Not Your Negro” | by Aidan Flax-Clark, Manager of Public Programs | September, 2017

At Garn Press we continually question how decision makers can reach consensus about actionable knowledge when the key participants in the discussions have widely differing and disconnected values, ethics, emotions, and spiritual beliefs, levels of trust, interests and power? What happens if they cannot agree, if no action is taken, or when there are no solutions, or when reason does not prevail? The conversation is important. The debates are important.

Listen to a great interview from the New York Public Library featuring renowned documentarian Raoul Peck on his recent documentary I Am Not Your Negro. Interview at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture with the Schomburg’s Director, Kevin Young and LIVE from the NYPl’s Paul Holdengräber.

Podcast #180: Raoul Peck, “I Am Not Your Negro”

Last June filmmaker Raoul Peck was at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture as part of its Artist and the Archive series. He had a two-part conversation, speaking with both Kevin Young, the Director of the Schomburg, and with Paul Holdengräber, the Director of LIVE from the NYPL.

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