People’s March for Education Justice – March 4, 2017 – Organized by the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE)

This is a time of existential risk when irresponsible decisions are being made by the Trump administration. The critical question that many of our books address is “What actionable knowledge do we need to change the future now?” We are convinced that all those who work for the common good in the caring professions must be supported. Garn’s task is to support a new generation of thinkers who are using the power of science and social experience to stand up for human rights and to participate in the struggle for a future in which Earth is a child safe zone. 

In response to Trump, Betsy DeVos, and the Republican Party’s push to privatize public education, many professors of education, teachers in public schools, parents, students, and community members across New York State will march on March 4, 2017 for education justice. There is no doubt that we must all act. Marches are being organized across New York State – Buffalo, Kingston, Long Island, New York City, Rochester and Schenectady – organized by the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE). Read the full platform here.

The People’s March for Education Justice Program Includes:

  • Full & Fair funding for all Public Schools from Pre-K – College
  • End the School to Prison Pipeline: Solutions, not Suspensions
  • Increase Access to Early Care and Learning Opportunities for Babies & Toddlers
  • End the state’s over-reliance on high-stakes testing
  • Protect Public Education: End of School Privatization
  • Implement Culturally Responsive Curriculum
  • Increase Supports for Students in Poverty
  • Increase Supports for Immigrant Students & English Language Learners
  • Protect the Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities
  • Full & Fair funding for all Public Schools from Pre-K- College

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