PHOTO GALLERY: Six Month Anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington – Sister March in New York City

This Friday is the 6-month anniversary of the Women’s March. Tag @womensmarch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in your art, protest signs & photos from the march!

On January 21st 2017, New York City proudly joined the Women’s March on Washington and the international community to march in support of equality, civil rights, and human dignity for every human.

At the Washington march one after another the speakers, many of them young women of color, speak with eloquence and passion, and they are not afraid of the harsh and sometimes crude truth. Their speeches rise to the high expectations of oratory – oratory as it is rarely heard in Congress, where good old boys adhere to the expectations of politeness and speak with clodding pedantry. At the Women’s March on Washington wisdom was theirs but there were no illusions of victory in the crowd or in what the speakers said. They all knew this is the beginning of the fight.

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