PHOTOS: Garn Press at the 2017 Brooklyn Book Festival – Children’s Day and Festival Day Gallery

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our book table on Children’s Day and Festival day at the Brooklyn Book Festival. And a special thank you to Garn authors and illustrators who spent time with Garn at the Festival. It was great to see you!

At Garn Press we were so excited for the 2017 Brooklyn Book Festival. Forty thousand readers and we wanted to meet and chat with them all! Our authors were on hand to talk with everyone who came to greet us and we sold books, book-bags, t-shirts and mugs at discount prices. A great celebration! 

Photos: Brooklyn Book Festival – Children’s Day and Festival Day Gallery


Garn was at the Brooklyn Book Festival and we had lots of books for children and young adults at discount prices. Better still, GP children’s authors and illustrators were there. We read books with children and gave them pictures to color from Toodle-oo Ruby Blue! Better still Rachel Backshall was there to talk with young artists about her brilliant work as an illustrator. And we also had renowned educators who are GP authors on hand to talk with teachers, parents and children. Russ Wash and Denny Taylor were there too with sage advice about all aspects of the education of children in public schools. And Bobbie Kabuto was ready to talk about every creative topic you can think of when it comes to young children learning to read and write in public schools.

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