Resist! Persist! Garn Opposes the Direction President Trump and his Administration are Taking the United States

At Garn we celebrate the positive work of writers of conscience. We are working to provide writers every opportunity to respond to the Trump Presidency. We have three books in production. The first is Trumplandia by Paul Thomas, which will be available within the next two weeks. The second book is a series of essays by renowned scholars and journalists on a broad range of issues negatively impacted by the new administration’s platform and initiatives. And the third book focuses on the Women’s March in Washington on January 21st. The Women’s March book is particularly significant because young women in their last year in high school are co-editing the book with Denny Taylor. It is a book in which young women’s voices will be heard in very powerful and meaningful ways.

Other Garn books are also important at this time. The most recent is Steve Nelson’s First Do No Harm: Progressive Education in a Time of Existential RiskSteve’s book – with an introduction by Matt Damon – is the antidote to Betsy DeVos becoming the Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration. Three other books also address the problems with DeVos and the anti-public school pro-charter school stance of the Trump administration – A Parent’s Guide to Public Education in the 21st Century by Russ Walsh; Negotiating a Permeable Curriculum by Anne Haas Dyson and Bobbie Kabuto; and Teaching without Testing: Assessing the Complexity of Children’s Literacy Learning by Denny Taylor and edited by Bobbie Kabuto.

Of enormous relevance at the present time are two more books by Garn Press authors. The first is Esther Fine’s Raising Peacemakers, which is both visionary and grounded in 22 years of research and focuses on children and peacemaking. And of equal importance is the incredible literary and searingly honest and heartfelt memoir Every Least Sparrow by Carolyn Walker. Carolyn’s story of her wonderful Daughter Jennifer, which is receiving acclaim from parents, teachers, MD’s, and dentists, reminds us all that we must be vigilant in these uncertain times about the struggles of developmentally disabled children and adults. All of these Garn Press books take on the most pressing issues of our times and encourage us to care for each other, build strong communities, and make sure that we do not normalize psycho-sociopathic behaviors that have an adverse affect on the health and wellbeing of adults and children in the communities in which we live.

Also of importance at this time is the role of Garn Press fiction books. Remarkably, every novel published by Garn is prescient and even urgently relevant as the country tries to take in the drastic change that has occurred due to the ascendancy of Trump to the Presidency. It is worth noting here that Ruth Finnegan’s Black Inked Pearl is a literary triumph. If you have a moment to spend on the website, read a chapter from Ruth’s remarkable novel and check out the brilliant reviews. Geoff Ward’s, You’re Not Dead also has relevance because of the wicked ways in which the novel interrupts our assumptions about the lenses through which people “see” our ways of being in the world. Then there is David Joseph Kolb’s Devil Knowswhich is set in New England in America’s first century and provides deep insights into the American psyche and the impact of fear on people, both then and now.

Finally, there is Split Second Solutionwhich is set in 2022, and although written before the ascendancy of Trump, the novel parallels what is happening to us right now. Bill Moyers called Split a “remarkable study”, which might seem an odd comment given that Split is a novel, but this urban fantasy is on solid ground scientifically – physical, social, biological, and technological.

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