Thank You From Garn Press For Your Support: Ten Reasons to Support Garn and Read the Books we Publish

A quick thank you from Garn Press, this innovative indie publisher for all those who support GP’s award winning authors their must-read books.

David Joseph Kolb, the Pulitzer nominated journalist and Garn Press author of the prize winning novel Devil Knows: A Tale of Murder and Madness in America’s First Century writes:

Garn Press of New York City is rapidly making its voice heard and appreciated as a bastion of humanism and science in the world. Please support Garn’s heroic efforts to restore decency, education and justice to their rightful seats in the societal order.

At Garn we are dedicated to publishing books by writers of conscience and courage. Our books are literary, experimental, and based on well-documented scientific evidence. Garn’s books are written by renowned scholars, great scientists and teachers, novelists and essayists, and children’s authors and illustrators who are determined to make a difference in the world.

Here are ten reasons to support Garn Press and read the books GP publishes. Garn is publishing both nonfiction and fiction books for adults and children that:

ONE: Take us into the uncharted territory of new forms of storytelling that excite, delight, and sometimes exasperate:

TWO: Seize the moment to explore the political awakening of young people and their role as cultural change makers;

THREE: Dig deep into the impact of the Trump Presidency on American society;

FOUR: Fight fake news and shine a spotlight on the strategies used by rich and powerful elites to hoodwink the public;

FIVE: Value diversity and the struggle for racial, economic, social and gender justice;

SIX:  Provide indisputable research evidence from scientists on climate change and the impact of people on the planet;

SEVEN: Support parents and teachers resisting the assault on U.S. public schools by right wing politicians and corporate education reformers;

EIGHT:  Share the courageous stories of families as they support loved ones who are vulnerable or terminally ill;

NINE: Imagine the possibilities of peacemaking to counter problems of bullying in schools and in society;

TEN: Make us laugh, are joyful, and encourage us to have fun!

There are more books but this gives you an overview of the publishing passions of this rapidly growing indie publishing company.

At Garn we are thankful to GP Patrons for their ongoing support, and for knowing that by supporting this indie publishing company they can help us make a difference in the world. Garn now has authors across the United States and in the U.K. who are experienced and enthusiastic presenters who are ready to speak on all of the topics mentioned above. In fact at Garn our authors thrive on presentations in bookstores and libraries and enjoy the opportunity to interact with participants in book clubs or to provide custom webinars on writing and publishing. From store presentations to book club participation, and even beginner and advanced classes in writing for publication — we welcome the opportunity.

Thank you again to everyone who supports Garn Press. We are totally convinced that together we can make a difference in the world.

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