VIDEO: Beyond the Anthropocene by Johan Rockström

Massive shifts, both north and south, are already taking place in the long established habitats of flora and fauna. Ecological shocks are causing great terrestrial migrations, and changes in both temperature and acidification are causing similar aquatic mass migrations. Life on the planet is on the move and people are equally affected by this human induced exodus from the very stable period of the Holocene into the epoch of extremes now called the Anthropocene. 

Beyond the Anthropocene

Johan Rockström, Executive Director Stockholm Resilience Centre explains why we should be concerned about tipping points and how we can embrace the challenge of seeing opportunities in the necessary transformation towards global sustainability (World Economic Forum).

In just five decades, we have transitioned from being small world on a big planet to a big world on a small planet – we are now disturbing biomes that regulate the stability of the entire system. More at


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