VIDEO: Conversations on Race – Short Documentaries on Ethnic and Racial Identities

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It’s a given to many people in American that the Trump Presidency is extremely dangerous. The reality is that Trump is empowering people who hate and is encouraging the dangerous tilting of U.S. society towards extremist behavior and incidents of hate crimes against people of color. This is one of the most divisive outcomes of the 2016 presidential election. 
It is imperative that we unite and work together to counter the rise of factions who have been given license to express racist and ethnic hatred targeting the most vulnerable groups in U.S. society. We can do this by making sure that silenced voices are heard, and that we participate in conversations in our local communities and on the national and international stage through the social media groups to which we belong. With this intent Garn Press is including a playlist of short documentaries produced by the New York Times on ethnic and racial identities of people in American society. 
As we watch and listen it becomes immediately evident that everyone’s ethnic and racial identity is called into question, and how others see themselves. We are all part of a larger fabric of many colors and multiple identities. Together we are stronger than we are when we disrespect each other. In reality whether we love or hate is intricately woven into our own shared and separate identities. United we stand, divided we fall. At Garn we stand for all the people and resist and work against the privileging of one race, one color, or one ethnic identity.

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