VIDEO: Full Interview: Noam Chomsky and Democracy Now! – Trump’s First 75 Days & Much More

Turn to Noam Chomsky in those moments and he will lead you into deep contemplation of your own beliefs systems and help you clarify your own position during this Trump presidency. He challenges all of us to participate, to organize, to engage across racial, ethic, and religious lines. He reminds us constantly it is up to us if this odyssey is to continue and if social justice is to prevail. Noam Chomsky is convinced (and he is convincing) that the situation is dire. But he is also sure that there is much we can do to change the future now. The resistance and protest movements that are sweeping Democrats and also taking place around the world are a hopeful sign that, while the governing elites are consumed by self-interest, the people do have the power to change the future now. – Full 70-minute interview with Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now! today talking about Donald Trump’s first 75 days in the White House and much more.

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