VIDEO: Ian Sinclair, Author of The Last London on the End of His Kind of Writing

“There has never been such a division between the very, very rich,” Ian Sinclair says in this video about his book The Last London, “the kleptocracy, the seriously wealthy with their investment silos and their vanity towers, and the invisibles, the rough sleepers and the socially excluded, the people who are picked up by immigration.”

He is speaking of London, the working class community where he writes in a room in a terraced house in Hackney. He calls the room “a map of his brain” and explains “the history of all the books I’ve written are piled up around me” and he talks of “nesting them around me.”

Sinclair talks of how his way of living and writing has come to an end, and that now his reality of one writer building over a life time on the writing of another who has gone before him has been replaced by “computer utopias promising something that doesn’t exist”, his London and his way of living are over.

But he clings to it nevertheless showing the photographs in a notebook, turning the pages as he explains, “Everything I write is also backed up by images,” he says, “which I use as memory prompts for my writing.”

Iain Sinclair walks around the area near his home in Hackney, London, and explains why his book, The Last London, will be his last book on London.

Read Iain Sinclair in the LRB:

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