VIDEO: Imagination and the Human Spirit – Eight Artists – Advice to the Young

Garn’s imprint Imagination and the Human Spirit is about creativity and adaptation. It’s about that synergy, beyond words, beyond images. It’s about coming face to face with the reality of the world and questioning that reality, being mindful, awake, and not rushing to judgment or accepting the most obvious answer. It means dreaming of a better world and making a commitment to that possibility. We encourage our writers and readers to dare big thoughts, to agree and to disagree, but always to keep in mind the extraordinary gift we all share of imagination and the human spirit.

For Garn Press, science, literature, art, and philosophy are not separate categories. They are intricately connected, and through these connections it is possible for us to get a larger sense of life, with a clarity of vision that would not be possible otherwise. Watch eight artists share insightful advice to young artists.

Watch, listen and soak in the words of eight prominent artists, who have strong and diverse thoughts on what constitutes insightful advice to young artists.

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