VIDEO: Jesse Hagopian – The Education Uprising You Want to Know About

In 2013 Laura Flanders said, “Education reform is a hot topic.” It is an even hotter topic today in 2017. Trump-Devos are directly challenging the national democratic of the American people in their use of extreme measures to privatize the U.S. public schools system. Still worse, this assault on democracy is no longer receiving the attention it deserves in the media because of the Trump administration’s links with Russia. One sensational story after another followed by an endless barrage of provocative Tweets are deflecting attention away from the threats to democracy caused by the privatization of public schools and the damage being done to children in the U.S. by the overuse of highly profitable high stakes tests, which have nothing to do with teaching and learning.

So much is going on we all find it difficult to stay focused, which is why the Laura Flanders interview of Jesse Hagopian (@JessedHagopian) is as relevant today as it was when it was first aired in 2013. Jesse is one of the public school teachers who is leading the movement against the charter school take over by the elites. He is a leader of the push back against the profiteers who are making hundreds of millions every year from common core and high stakes tests.  In this interview with Laura Flanders he talks about the reduction of leaning to A, B, C, or D thinking, and says “they would never do that to their own kids.” He states that for their own kids they want creativity and critical thinking, but for our kids they want rote learning and memorization.

He talks about the union busting going on to make the U.S. a low-income economy, and the training of the entire population to conform to the will of the elites. He also talks about the work we must do to empower all students. He makes the case that our kids will need knowledge and wisdom if they are going to tackle the problems we face today.

The Laura Flanders Show: The Education Uprising You Want to Know About with Jesse Hagopian

Listen to Jesse. He will encourage you to keep up the struggle and not to be bamboozled by the insanity of what’s happening in Washington. Put your trust in public school teachers and other caring professionals, for they are the ones who will take care of our children in these bizarre and troubling times.

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