VIDEO PLAYLIST: Early Inspiration – What Inspired Nobel Laureates to Become Scientists?

(Featured photo: Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2009)

Garn Press values primary sources and seeks out original accounts to report, share, and annotate with Garn Press readers. At Garn we search for video and news and events that connect people and the planet and encourage social action — especially primary source video and news items that address the grand challenges of our time. Many of our books bridge the humanities and sciences as they address the enduring question, “What are the relationships between people and the planet?” The re-Visioning challenge for Garn Press is to uncover the shifts in thinking about modes of existence that are taking place, and to publish books by scientists and philosophers who are engaged in ground breaking work that, quite literally, requires transformative rethinking of the possible future connections between people and the planet. In this video playlist watch Nobel Laureates describe their passion for science and what inspired them to become scientists.

Video Playlist (7 Videos in Playlist)

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These videos were filmed as part of the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative. Through the Initiative, Nobel Laureates give career advice for young scientists, explain their discoveries and give insights into life after the Nobel Prize. See for more insights and advice from Nobel Laureates.


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