VIDEO PLAYLIST: How Scientists Like Jason Box Are Reaching out to the Public About Climate Change

Dr. Jason E. Box (@climate_ice) is a Greenland ice climatologist with more than 20 lead and more than 70 co-authored journal articles. Follow Jason Box on Twitter @climate_ice. and on the web at

Most scientists are now well aware that while they continue to write to each other they also have an obligation to become bi-literate and write for the public. Jason Box is one one ice scientist who is doing what he can to reach policy makers and the public. He Tweets on a regular basis and includes photographs and videos of the shrinking of glaciers in Greenland.

Jason Box Video Playlist (10 Videos in Playlist)

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At Garn we encourage you to take a moment to watch the videos, and then to click “Follow” on Twitter to keep up with Jason Box. We applaud his efforts and encourage our readers to follow online. Follow Jason Box on Twitter @climate_ice. and on the web at

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