VIDEO: Why The Arts Matter in Public Schools

For Garn Press, science, literature, art, and philosophy are not separate categories. They are intricately connected, and through these connections it is possible for us to get a larger sense of life, with a clarity of vision that would not be possible otherwise. Most scientists and artists get this, even though most policy makers do not. Similar to Italo Calvino, Garn’s stance is that science, literature, philosophy and art create epicenters of creativity, vortexes of energy, and an aesthetic experience, that provides insights science or art alone cannot. It’s about that synergy, beyond words, beyond images and it’s why the arts matter.

From Nebraska Loves Public Schools – “Why The Arts Matter”

Published by NElovesPS (Youtube) | More info. at 

About the Nebraska Loves Public Schools Short Documentary – “Why The Arts Matter”

Published by NElovesPS (Youtube) | More info. at 

This Nebraska Loves Public Schools film looks at various art programs across the state and the positive impact they have on thousands of public school students each year. From elementary-age kids learning to ballroom dance to slam poetry competitions and creative music education, see how children benefit when schools make the arts matter. When school budgets are tight, art programs often find themselves on the chopping block. Today’s definition of arts education has evolved considerably from what it once was. Today’s art programs encompass a wide array of disciplines — from fine arts to digital media, from music to landscape architecture — and are encouraging creative thinking, problem solving, and healthy emotional development, among other things. In fact, studies show that students who have strong exposure to the arts do better academically and are more satisfied in school, making art education a vital component in any well-rounded curriculum.

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