VIDEOS: Michael Rosen is Brill – Fighting the Fight With All His Literary Might

Michael Rosen is a poet, writer and broadcaster, and held the post of Children’s laureate from 2007-2009. You can follow Michel on Twitter @MichaelRosenYes, on the web at and on Youtube

As Brits say, Michael Rosen is brill. Brill is slang for brilliant but more than just brilliant, also really cool. Michael is also brilliant in the US sense of brilliant. He is a public intellectual with one hundred thousand followers on Twitter. As biting as they are literary, his political commentaries are sought after by the Guardian and other liberal newspapers. He knows what he’s talking about whether it is on the disastrous Tory policies privatizing the English school system, the Tories similar policies to privatize the National Health System, or the very real impact of climate change on the UK.

You can get Michael Rosen by contrasting him with one of his Tory nemesis, Michael Gove. Rosen is very thin, his face is super wrinkled, and his hair uncombed. Gove always looks puffy in what look like hand-made elegant suits, impeccable white shirts, and bombastically loud ties.  His hair is brilliantine slick. Gove does not have one hundred thousand followers on Twitter, but he is considered by the Tory party and the media to be super intelligent – but in reality, to use another Brit word, Michael Gove is a bit thick. There is nothing bright about a man taking positions on topics he knows nothing about. Gove was the architect of the privatization of the UK school system that Rosen has fought, is fighting, with all his literary might.

Gove proved to be as inept and dangerous as Betsy DeVos and now he has been appointed as Minister of the Environment he will be as puerile as Pruett.

“What do Michael Gove and a turtle on a post have in common?” Michael Rosen re-Tweets.

“You know he didn’t get there by himself.”

“He doesn’t belong up there”

“He doesn’t have any idea of what to do now that he is there.”

Hey you know that thing the Tories kept saying about ‘chaos’, Rosen Tweets. “They’re really good at it.”

Rosen has gained a space in which to participate in social justice politics in the UK because of the enormous respect he has gained as a children’s author and poet. Kids love his books. Even more they love Michael. He is as real as Gove is phony. He makes the most of his wrinkly face and his crooked teeth. His skinny body can contort in a story growing younger, older, and his eyes can surprise you when he opens them wide.

“Libraries & librarians have changed so many lives,” Rosen Tweets. “Let’s make sure the new libraries minister knows we will fight to #SaveLibraries!”

“Save libraries!” you can almost hear kids shout. “Libraries and Michael Rosen have changed our lives!”

Here are some of Michael Rosen’s videos for you to enjoy. You can also find a piece written by Michael in Ken Goodman’s now classic and treasured by teachers, What’s Whole in Whole Language in the 21st Century? 

Michael Rosen Video Playlist (9 Videos in Playlist)

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You can follow Michel on Twitter @MichaelRosenYes, on the web at and on Youtube

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