WEEK IN REVIEW: World News & Editorial – February 6-12

Garn Press values primary sources and seeks out original accounts to report, share, and annotate with Garn Press readers. At Garn we search for news and events that connect people and the planet and encourage social action — especially primary source news items that address the grand challenges in the peaceful struggle for economic, racial and gender equality. Visit Garn Press annotated world news.


Beyond Grades Part One: The Mis-Measure of Schools and School Children by Garn Press Author Russ Walsh

A Weekly Series from Russ Walsh, author of, A Parent’s Guide to Public Education in the 21st Century. Currently, at least 14 states grade their public schools on an A-F scale. Educators are correct to point out that this is a stupid way to hold schools accountable. Three reasons pop out right away when we think about the idiocy of giving schools a letter grade and then publicizing this grade through the media. Read feature.


VIDEO PLAYLIST: Early Inspiration – What Inspired Nobel Laureates to Become Scientists?

Many of our books bridge the humanities and sciences as they address the enduring question, “What are the relationships between people and the planet?” The re-Visioning challenge for Garn Press is to uncover the shifts in thinking about modes of existence that are taking place, and to publish books by scientists and philosophers who are engaged in ground breaking work that, quite literally, requires transformative rethinking of the possible future connections between people and the planet. In this video playlist watch Nobel Laureates describe their passion for science and what inspired them to become scientists. Read feature.


SCIENCE, NOT SILENCE: March for Science on Earth Day – April 22, 2017

By profligating denial of climate change, defunding and limiting expenditures on mitigating climate and environmental problems, the US Congress is actively engaged in protecting the corporate interests that have supported their political campaigns, while willfully ignoring the very real and very grave threat that exists to people, especially children, and to all life on the planet. Join the March for Science. Connect with the March on the web at www.marchforscience.com, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Read feature.


U$A: Beware Capitalism as well as Fascism by Garn Press Author Paul Thomas

Often accurately praised as a deft and almost idealizing satire of religion, Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle also can serve as a fictional examination of political science. Central to the politics of the novel is the fabricated tension among military, government (dictatorship), and religion (Bokononism): “But people didn’t have to pay as much attention to the awful truth. As the living legend of the cruel tyrant in the city and the gentle holy man in the jungle grew, so, too, did the happiness of the people grow. They were all employed full time as actors in a play they understood, that any human being anywhere could understand and applaud.” (pp. 174-175) Read feature.


Noam ChomskyNoam Chomsky at the Democracy Now 20th Anniversary Celebration: How to Deal with the Trump Presidency

Turn to Noam Chomsky in those moments when you feel all hope is lost because of the Trump-Bannon Presidency. Chomsky will lead you into deep contemplation of your own beliefs systems and help you clarify your own position in this huge human odyssey of life on Earth. He challenges all of us to participate, to organize, to engage across racial, ethic, and religious lines. He reminds us constantly it is up to us if this odyssey is to continue and if social justice is to prevail. Here at the Riverside Church is Chomsky at the Democracy Now 20th Anniversary Celebration. Read feature.


FEATURED PHOTO GALLERY:  Signs of Resistance: Standout Signs from Anti-Trump Protests – NYC March, January 2017

Women’s March on Washington – Sister March – NYC Jan. 21, 2017. On January 21st, New York City proudly joined the international community to march in support of equality and promote civil rights for every human. Visit Garn Press WORLD NEWS for news updates, editorial, videos, and photo galleries. Gallery made possible through your support on Patreon. Learn more about Patreon on Garn Press. View Gallery.


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