Week in Review: World News & Editorial – January 8-14

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Week in Review: World News Editorial – Jan 8-14

Ten Questions for Betsy DeVos by Garn Press Author Russ Walsh

[UPDATE: The confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos has been postponed until January 17th] As I am sure you are aware, Senate hearings on Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education begin Wednesday, January 11, 2017. When the nomination was first announced, I wrote of my concern to my Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey. Toomey sent back a letter indicating his full-throated support of DeVos. This time I am writing to the other Pennsylvania Senator, Democrat Bob Casey, who serves on the Senate HELP committee who will interview DeVos and decide on whether or not to send her nomination forward. Trying to stop this dangerous nomination is an uphill battle, of course, with Republicans controlling the Senate, but Casey, through recent actions expressing concern about DeVos’ conflicts of interest, has at least shown some concern about this nominee. And Casey is actually on the HELP Committee that will interview DeVos, so it is worth a shot. Read News article.

Week in Review: World News Editorial – Jan 8-14

Garn Press Asks What Teachers Can Do to add to David Suzuki’s 5 Things We Must Do Immediately to Stop Humanity’s Collision Course

“The longer we delay addressing environmental problems, the more difficult it will be to resolve them,” Suzuki writes (EcoWatch, 2017). Suzuki Identifies Five Things we can do to Respond to the Existential Risks Confronting Humanity. Read feature.



Climate Reality Leaders

Week in Review: World News Editorial – Jan 8-14

Climate Reality Leaders Spotlight – Video Playlist

If we are to save our kids from a bumpy ride in the 21st century it will take every last one of us working together, sharing insights, imagining ourselves differently, as we re-establish the connections  — the systemic relationships — between people and the planet. In this series of videos Climate Reality shines a light on the scientists who are engaged in climate change research. Read feature.



Week in Review: World News Editorial – Jan 8-14

“The Whole Child” by Jamaal A. Bowman

There is unlimited talent and potential within our schools. Children come to us full of excitement and infinite ideas. They believe and know that anything is possible. They are fearless, and not tainted by age, time, or the ridicule of failure. They are natural leaders; and when they find a passion, they’ll work vigorously to achieve mastery without provocation. Read Feature.



Week in Review: World News Editorial – Jan 8-14

TED TALKS – Billy Collins: Everyday Moments, Caught In Time

Combining dry wit with artistic depth, Billy Collins shares a project in which several of his poems were turned into delightful animated films in a collaboration with Sundance Channel. Five of them are included in this wonderfully entertaining and moving talk — and don’t miss the hilarious final poem! Read feature.



Week in Review: World News Editorial – Jan 8-14

Mr. Trump is Trounced by Meryl Streep

Still worse is the unfortunate attribute of not taking responsibility for bullying people, including Meryl Streep, or the cruelty of mimicking a disabled reporter, and not knowing that these are behaviors that are reviled by civil society. Quietly, and with dignity and grace, here is Meryl Streep.



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