What Happens Next Will Depend on the Knowledge and Sensibilities of the American People

It’s up to us what happens next. In this age of extreme existential risk we can stand on the sidelines and watch as the system of government, and the struggle for democratic ideals are destroyed by ultra-rich white men, or we can refuse to allow a kleptocracy to be established in the United States of America.

We now live in a country in which the president has been called “an existential risk”, and where cyber warfare undermined the presidential election. Ours is a society in which truth is no longer accessible and alternative facts have infiltrated the national psyche. Unbelievable as it may seem purges have taken place (are taking place) of the professionals responsible for the infrastructure of government. At the State Department offices are empty.  All governmental agencies are being monitored and some dismantled. Surveillance of scientists is intensifying, their research redacted or eliminated. There are gag orders at the EPA and scientists have been put on watch lists and banned from attending conferences. Security agencies have been marginalized and criticized, and they are not being consulted when extreme actions are taken. In the White House competing factions are competing for power with nepotism and the financial interests of the President’s family the top priority.

And all the while the real estate broker and reality TV personality who is now the “leader of the free world” has his finger on the red button, and has the ultimate power to decide the future of all who live upon the planet and what happens to our children. He also has a serious problem with impulse control.

It’s a cliffhanger that Hollywood did not make up, and what happens next is going to be up to us. Incredible as it might seem we all know this. It has become a part of our collective identity. What happens next will depend on the knowledge and sensibilities of people like us – teachers, scientists, and everyone participating in caring communities.

In United We Stand Divided We Fall, Dr. Jonathon Foley (@GlobalEcoGuy) writes:

The pursuit of science offers us hope – hope that we will be a great nation, living on a thriving world, as decent, kind people, with the people we love. That is a cause I’m willing to work for, live for, fight for, and yes, even die for. And I know I’m not alone.

Dr. Foley is a world-leading environmental scientist and Executive Director of the California Academy of Sciences and he is right when he says he is not alone when he writes this is a cause “I’m willing to work for, live for, fight for, and yes, even die for.”

At Garn Press this is our stance too, and so we are publishing books that will provide the public with information on which they can depend – truthful, based on evidence – by writers of conscience who are knowledgeable and have no other purpose than to oppose the Trump agenda and do everything they can to stop him.

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United We Stand Divided We Fall: Opposing Trump’s Agenda – Essays on Protest and Resistance

United We Stand Divided We Fall: Opposing Trump’s Agenda – Essays on Protest and Resistance

Paperback available (early release) on Amazon. More booksellers coming soon. Ebook available April 25, 2017.

(192 pp.) $14.95 on Amazon
ISBN: 978-1942146575
Paperback: Amazon (early release)
Ebook: Available April 25, 2017

In United We Stand Divided We Fall: Opposing Trump’s Agenda – Essays on Protest and Resistance Garn Press has gathered together essays by great scholars and renowned teachers who oppose the direction in which President Trump is leading the country. These are essays, to quote George Lakoff, which frame American values accurately and systemically day after day, telling truths by American majority moral values.

These are essays of protest against and resistance to Trump’s presidency, to his billionaire cabinet, to the privileging in the White House of white supremacists, the promulgation of “alternate facts”, the denigration of media sources, the purges of State Department personnel, the gag orders at the EPA and scientists placed on “watch lists”, the travel bans on people from wide swaths of U.S. society and on refugees … the list is long.

They are also essays that tackle the question of what we can do to stop Trump from becoming a fast moving catastrophe. When the hands of the Doomsday Clock were moved closer to midnight, President Trump was named specifically as an existential risk to humanity. There is no doubt that we must all act. The writers of conscience who have written this collection of essays are all actively engaged in opposing President Trump and their writings encourage us to participate in the resistance movement.  Read with a pencil in hand. Make notes on what you can do to join aspects of the movement that reflects the needs and concerns of your community. Through social media you can go global while acting locally.

Trumplandia: Unmasking Post-Truth America

Trumplandia: Unmasking Post-Truth America is available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Waterstones and can be ordered by your local bookstore check IndieBound (NEW RELEASE $14.95). eBook available April 17, 2017.

Author: P.L. Thomas
(192 pp.) $14.95
ISBN: 9781942146551
Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Waterstones (UK/Europe)
Ebook: Available April 17, 2017

In unprecedented times when American values are at stake P.L. Thomas provides a moral compass for so many people who expected the first woman to become President of the United States. Thomas argues that this assumption grossly underestimated the rise of Donald Trump, which was an inevitable culmination of who the U.S. truly is as a people. In a series of brilliantly written essays Trumplandia: Unmasking Post-Truth America examines how a reality TV star as president represents post-truth America as a failed democracy and as a country still deeply poisoned by racism, classism, sexism, and xenophobia. Running throughout as well is an implicit question: How can we resist Trumplandia and truly become a ​democracy?


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